Roger Dube

Director, Science Exploration Program

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Science Exploration Program

Contact Information

Phone(585) 475-5836


B.S. Physics (cum laude), Math - Cornell University
Ph.D. Physics - Princeton University

Research Interests

  • Space Weather
  • Computer Security
  • Ganondagan's Iroquois White Corn Project
  • Cosmology
  • Holographic Data Storage
  • Preservation of Native American Intellectual Property
  • Native American entrepreneurship and job creation
  • Quantum Cryptography

Selected Publications


Dube, R.R., Hardware Based Computer Security Techniques to Defeat Hackers: From Biometrics to Quantum Cryptography, Wiley, Hoboken, New Jersey, United States (2008)



Dube, R.R., An Incremental Learning Algorithm for Data Regression, submitted to IEEE Intelligent Systems (2009)

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Dube, R.R., Introduction, Revelation, and Evolution of Complementary Gratings in Photorefractive BSO, Physical Review B, 42, 9, pp. 5641-5648 (1990)

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