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The Center for Materials Science & Engineering


The master of science degree in materials science and engineering, offered jointly by the College of Science and the Kate Gleason College of Engineering, is designed with a variety of options to satisfy individual and industry needs in the rapidly growing field of materials.

The objectives of the program are threefold:

With the advent of new classes of materials and instruments, the traditional practice of empiricism in the search for and selection of materials is rapidly becoming obsolete. Therefore, the program offers a serious interdisciplinary learning experience in materials studies, crossing over the traditional boundaries of such classical disciplines as chemistry; physics; and electrical, mechanical, and microelectronic engineering.

The program provides extensive experimental courses in diverse areas of materials-related studies.

The program explores avenues for introducing greater harmony between industrial expansion and academic training.


The Center for Materials Science & Engineering provides an integrated interdisciplinary approach to the study of materials. The faculty consist of members of the College of Science and the College of Engineering. We offer a graduate program in Materials Science & Engineering.

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For more information about Materials Science and Engineering contact the Program Director, KSV Santhanam, at (585)-475-2920 or .

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