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The Polarimetric sensor was flown over the Avon site only and was flown from around 2-4 pm to capture polarimetric signatures form cars and other objects that typically manifest in higher sun angles. This was the first flight for the sensor, and the data should be treated as highly experimental. In addition, the geolocation unit failed during the flight, so the data location should be treated as a best guess where available. This system is a full motion, hyperspectral, polarimetric imager tested by the MITRE Corporation. The system was flown with a look angle of approximately 45 degrees and a field of view of 20 degrees. It was flown in a racetrack configuration over the site at both 2000 ft and 4000 feet above ground level. It has a quantization level of 8 bits, and its GSD was between 103 and 206 cm, depending on the portion of the frame.

Sensor Polarimetric Sensor
Operator MITRE
Sensor Type Frame (4 fps)
Field of view / scan angle (deg) 20
Spectral band(s) 29 + PI(0,90,45,135)
Spectral coverage (nm) 400 - 680, 10 nm/band
Sensor format (linear / frame) 200 x 134
IFOV (mrad) 1.7
Nominal operating altitude (ft AGL) 2,000 / 4,000
Effective GSD (cm) 103 / 206
Quantization (bits 8
Aircraft type / operator C-172
INS/GPS none
Center look angle for collect (deg) 45 (approx)