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Mathematics in the Real World

A sample of the careers, schools, and co-ops of some of our recent graduates

Programs of Study Offered

The School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS) offers a Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics, applied and computational mathematics, and applied statistics, as well as a Master of Science in applied and computational mathematics. Additionally, SMS provides a joint BS/MS option allowing students to complete a master's degree with one additional year of study. Visit our academics page for more information about these degrees.

Courses Offered

View a typical course sequence for each of the programs of study offered by the School of Mathematical Sciences:

B.S. in Applied Mathematics

B.S. in Applied Statistics

B.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics

M.S. in Applied and Computational Mathematics

MS Applied Statistics Program

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RIT graduates are well-prepared to apply their knowledge of mathematics to a career. A recent study ranked two jobs that complement a mathematics degree; Actuary #1 and Statistician #3 are the fastest growing jobs in the country. ( The average starting salary for Mathematics majors is $46,200 a year, but this can climb to as high as $89 - $94,000 for career mathematicians.

U.S. Census Bureau-MathematicalEmployers
Statistician Cigna Healthcare-Consultant Research and Analytics
Wolff/SMG-AP/HR Manager
Archimedes Inc.-Associate Scientist
Joint Institute for Computational Sciences-Research Associate
eBay-General Manager
H.W. Proskin & Associates-Programmer / Data Analyst
Clear Channel Communications-Vice President
Microsoft-Program Manager
NSA Telecommunications-System Advisor
Blue Cross Blue Shield-Actuarial Statistician

Graduate Schools

Many mathematics graduates continue their education after RIT at some of the most selective masters and Ph.D. programs in the country.

Dartmouth-Ph.D., Mathematics GradSchools
University of Pittsburgh-Ph.D., Biostatistics
University of Nebraska-Ph.D., Research and Methodology
RIT-MS, Microelectric Engineering
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign-Ph.D., Mathematics
University of Rochester-Ph.D., Mathematics
UC Davis-Ph.D., Applied Mathematics
University of Wisconsin—Madison-MS, Biostatistics
North Carolina State University-Ph.D., Applied Mathematics
George Washington University-MS, Statistics
Brown University-Ph.D., Biostatistics
Georgetown University-Ph.D., Biostatistics
The Ohio State University-J.D., Law



The cooperative education program at RIT sets it apart and prepares students for real challenges in the working world. Mathematics co-ops range from government jobs to software development and industrial engineering. Co-ops are not required for graduation for all students in Mathematics programs at RIT.

Paychex-Performance Testing Engineer Co-Op
U.S. Air Force Research Lab-Information Assurance Internship
Windstream-Internal Audit Analyst
Microsoft-Software Development
BAE Systems-Cyber Security Research Engineer
JPMorgan Chase-Technology Summer Internship
UPS-Industrial Engineering Management Specialist
ImageQuix & webQuix, Inc.-Java Developer
Singebrook Technology, Inc.-Web and Mobile Programmer Apprentice
Google-Software Developer
Bausch & Lomb-Developer for Competitive Intelligence
Interactive Intelligence, Inc.-C++ Windows Developer



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