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List of Programs Requiring the MPE

All students that are required to take the Math Placement Exam will receive a postcard in the mail and reminders via e-mail.  The list of programs requiring the exam spans several of RIT's Colleges:


University Studies Program


University Studies Program
College of Business
MGMT-BS Management
ACCT-BS Business Administration Accounting
FINC-BS Finance
MGIS-BS Management Information Systems
MKTG-BS Marketing
INTB-BS International Business
BUS-UND Business Undeclared
NEWMEDI-BS New Media Marketing
Kate Gleason College of Engineering
BIME-BS Biomedical Engineering 
CHME-BS Chemical Engineering
CMPE-BS Computer Engineering
EEEE-BS Electrical Engineering
ENGRX-UND Engineering Exploration
ISEE-BS Industrial Engineering
MCEE-BS Microelectronic Engineering
MECE-BS Mechanical Engineering 
College of Liberal Arts
ECON-BS Economics
LAU-UND Liberal Arts Exploration
PSYC-BS Psychology
PUBPOL-BS Public Policy
PTCOMM-BS Professional & Technical Communication

International Studies

College of Health Sciences and Technology
BIOMED-BS Biomedical Sciences
PHYA-BS Physician Assistant
College of Applied Science and Technology
ESHS-BS Environmental Sustainability Health & Safety
SFTE-BS Safety Technology
PACK-BS Packaging Science
CVET-BS Civil Engineering Technology
EEET-BS Electrical Engineering Technology 
MFET-BS Manufacturing Engineering Technology
EMET-BS Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology
MCET-BS Mechanical Engineering Technology
CPET-BS Computer Engineering Technology
EMSI-BS Electrical Mechanical Systems Integration
ENGTEH-UND Engineering Technology (UND)
College of Imaging Arts and Sciences
PHBM-BS Biomedical Photographic Communications
DIGCIME-BS Motion Picture Science
IMPT-BS Imaging & Photo-Graphic Technology
NMEP-BS Media Arts and Technology
College of Science
BIOL-BS Biology
BIOINFO-BS Bioinformatics
BIOTECH-BS Molecular Biological Science & Biotechnology
ENVS-BS Environmental Science
BIOCHEM-BS Biochemistry
CHEM-BS Chemistry
PLYCHEM-BS Polymer Chemistry
IMGS-BS Imaging Science
CMTH-BS Computational Mathematics
APPMTH-BS Applied Mathematics
APPSTAT-BS Applied Statistics
PHYS-BS Physics
SCIEXP-UND Science Exploration
Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
COMSCI-BS Computer Science
COMPEX-UND Computing Exploration
MEDINFO-BS Medical Informatics
INFOSEC-BS Computing Security (formerly Information Security and Forensics)
ANSA-BS Applied Networking and Systems Adminstration
SOFTENG-BS Software Engineering
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Students enrolled in the National Technical Institute for the Deaf will have their own writing and mathematics placement exams when they arrive for the Summer Vestibule Program (SVP).