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laurel story

Student Comments:
Roxanne Ost: The best reason to attend the summer program is all the new friends and connections you will have and the advantage over other freshman of knowing your way around campus. It makes orientation and fall quarter all that much better.

Ivan Rudik: A good reason for attending the summer program is that you meet so many great people and get a headstart with credits and research experience.

Jacob Bigelow: One of the best things about the program was that I got to meet a group of awsome people. When the year started I already had some amazing new friends and lasting memories. It was worth it, trust me!

Josh Thomson: As a result of the COS Summer Research Program I am now conducting research during my freshman year with a Biochemistry professor, an opportunity that I did not expect to receive.

DJ Tusch (Don): Attending the summer program prepared me for the fall term before all the other freshmen. I knew where everything was during orientation week, I had 16 pre-made friends there to help me move in, I had faculty connections that no other freshmen did, and I had four extra weeks of time getting to know the campus.

Faculty Comments:
Prof. Batcheldor:
"The outstanding level of professionalism and enthusiasm shown by these research students bodes very well for the future of science. The value of the undergraduate work performed has had a significant positive impact on current faculty research projects. I am greatly looking forward to working with this calibre of student in the future."

Prof. Clark:

My experience was very enjoyable. The student I worked with was very bright and quick to make connections in areas which were totally new to her. She was hard-working and very dependable and made great progress during the 4 weeks.

Prof. O'Handley:
I thought the program was perfect...
I had a spectacular student, both in terms of abilities and attitude. We clicked so well that we are still working together; he is making significant contributions and learning a great deal. Between the 4 weeks in the summer and his work now, he will have accomplished enough to present at a national meeting in the spring. He will also be a contributing author on a paper within the next year. This has turned out to be an outstanding opportunity to get an exceptional student really involved with research early on.

Prof. Chris Collison:
Working with an honors student over the summer quarter gives me a great opportunity to train a high level research student. The mutual benefits are that I can expect future research help from that student, to meet the commitments of my grant, while the student becomes highly desirable for a future research career beyond RIT.