Susan Farnand

Associate Research Scientist

Contact Information

OfficeCOL 1067
Phone(585) 475-4567

PhD, Color Science, Rochester Institute of Technology

MS, Imaging Science, Rochester Institute of Technology
BS, Engineering, Cornell University

Research Interests

Vision and Perception
  • Color Science
  • Fine Art Reproduction
  • 3D Printing and Printer Systems Performance

Selected Publications


Farnand, S.P., Effect of Scene Content on the Perceptibility of Differential Gloss, Journal of Imaging Science & Technology, 54, 3, pp. 30505-1-- 30505-13 (2011)



Jiang, J.; Frey, F.S.; Farnand, S.P., Evaluating the Perceived Quality of Soft-copy Reproductions of Fine Art Images With and Without the Original Present, November (2011)

Gamm, B.M.; Frey, F.S.; Farnand, S.P., An analysis of the factors influencing paper selection for books of reproduced fine art, October (2011)

Farnand, S.P.; Frey, F.S., The Impact of Lighting on Perceived Quality of Fine Art Reproductions, June (2011)

Farnand, S.P.; Jiang, J.; Frey, F.S., Comparing hardcopy and softcopy results in the study of the impact of workflow on perceived reproduction quality of fine art images, January (2011)



Farnand, S.P.; Fairchild, M.D., The effect of experimental instructions on the number of areas identified as important in photographic images, IS&T, Color Graphics Imaging and Vision conference, Amsterdam, , Netherlands, pp. 290-294 (2012)

Jiang, J.; Frey, F.S.; Farnand, S.P., Evaluating CATs as Predictors of Observer Adjustments in Softcopy Fine Art Reproduction, IS&T, Color Imaging Conference, 18th, San Antonio, Texas, United States, November (2010)

Farnand, S.P.; Frey, F.S.; Anderson, E., Benchmarking Art Image Interchange Cycles: Image Quality Experimentation, International Colour Association, 11th Congress of the International Color Association (AIC), Sydney, New South Wales, Australia (2009)

Farnand, S.P., Further Investigation into the Image Quality Differences between Digital Print Technologies and Traditional Offset Lithography, IS&T, 25th International Conference on Digital Printing Technologies, Louisville, Kentucky, United States (2009)



Frey, F.S.; Farnand, S.P., Benchmarking Art Image Interchange Cycles, prepared for The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Rochester Institute of Technology, College of Science, Center for Imaging Science, Munsell Color Science Laboratory, Rochester, New York, United States, June (2011)