Suzanne O'Handley

Associate Professor

Contact Information

OfficeGOS A256
Phone(585) 475-2751

B.S., 1985, Rutgers University
M.S., 1987, University of Rochester
Ph.D., 1991, University of Rochester

Research Interests

  • Biochemistry
  • Biophysical Chemistry

Selected Publications

L-W. Kang, S.B. Gabelli, J.E. Cunningham, S.F. O'€™Handley, L.M. Amzel, €œStructure and Mechanism of MT- ADPRase, a Nudix Hydrolase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis€, Structure 11:1015-1023 (2003).

S.F. O'€Handley, C.A. Dunn, M.J. Bessman, €Orf135 from E. coli is a Nudix hydrolase specific for CTP, dCTP, and 5-methyl-dCTP€, Journal of Biological Chemistry 276:421-5426 (2001).

C.A. Dunn, S.F. O'€™Handley, D.N. Frick, M.J. Bessman, €œThe ADP-ribose Pyrophosphatase Subfamily of the Nudix Hydrolases€, Journal of Biological Chemistry 274:32318-32324 (1999)

S. Sheikh, S.F. O'Handley, C.A. Dunn, M.J. Bessman, M.J. €œIdentification and Characterization of the Nudix Hydrolase from the Archaeon, Methanococcus jannaschii, as a Highly Specific ADP-ribose Pyrophosphatase€, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273:20924-20928 (1998).

S.F. O'€™Handley, D.N. Frick, C.A. Dunn, M.J. Bessman, M.J. €œOrf186 Represents a New Member of the Nudix Hydrolases, Active on Adenosine(5'€™)triphospho(5'€™) adenosine, ADP-ribose, and NADH€, Journal of Biological Chemistry 273:3192-3197 (1998).

S.F. O'€™Handley, D.N. Frick, L.C. Bullions, M.J. Bessman €œE. coli orf17 Codes for a Nucleoside Triphosphate Pyrophosphohydrolase Member of the MutT Family of Proteins. Cloning, Purification, and Characterization of the Enzyme€, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271:24649-24654 (1996).

M.J. Bessman, D.N. Frick, S.F. O€'Handley, S.F. The MutT Proteins or €œNudix Hydrolases, a Family of Versatile, Widely Distributed, €œHousecleaning€ Enzymes€, Journal of Biological Chemistry 271:25059-25062 (1996).

S.F. O'€™Handley, C.P. Scholes, R.P. Cunningham, R.P. Endonuclease III Interactions with DNA Substrates: I. Binding and Footprinting Studies with Oligonucleotides Containing a Reduced Apyrimidinic Site€, Biochemistry 34:2528-2536 (1995).

S.F. O'Handley, D.G. Sanford, R. Xu, C.C. Lester, B.E. Hingerty, S. Broyde, T.R. Krugh, Structural Characterization of an N-Acetyl-2-aminofluorene Modified DNA Oligomer by NMR, Energy Minimization, and Molecular Dynamics€, Biochemistry 32:2481-2497 (1995).

C.F. Kuo, D.E. McRee, C.L. Fisher, S.F. O'€™Handley, R.P. Cunningham, J.A. Tainer, Atomic Structure of the DNA Repair[4Fe-4S] Enzyme Endonuclease III: Prototype for DNA N-Glycosylase and AP Lyase€, Science 258:434-440 (1992).

W. Fu, S. O'Handley, R.P. Cunningham, M.K. Johnson, The Role of the Iron-Sulfur Cluster in E. coli Endonuclease III: A Resonance Raman Study€, Journal of Biological Chemistry 267:16135-16137 (1992).

S.F. O'Handley, D.G. Sanford, R. Xu, C.C. Lester, B.E. Hingerty, S. Broyde, T.R. Krugh, Structure of an Acetylaminofluorene Modified DNA Oligomer€, Proceedings of the 7th Conversation in Biomolecular Stereodynamics (Sarma, R.H., & Sarma, M.H., Ed.) Adenine Press (1992).

S. Broyde, B. Hingerty, R. Xu, S. O'Handley, T. Krugh, Static and Animated Molecular Views of a Tumorigenic Chemical Bound to DNA€ Proceedings of the First Energy Research Power Supercomputer Users Symposium, U.S. Department of Energy (1991).