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Many students journey to RIT because of an interest in and fascination with science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. Not only do these students excel in their chosen disciplines, but they also have a passion for exploration, learning, and discover a passion that many of them want to share with the next generation of students.
The demand for high quality K-12 math and science educators is well documented with a projected shortfall of more than 280,000 math and science teachers across the United States by 2015. RIT and the Nazareth College School of Education offer a unique collaboration to help address this nation-wide teacher shortage: Tech2Teach.


RIT and Nazareth College faculty have designed an easier way for RIT undergraduates to earn a Master of Science in education and teacher certification. Collaborative agreements, put in place by the leadership of both institutions, allow RIT students to make the best use of elective credits in preparation for pursuit of a masters degree in education. Third- and fourth-year students have the opportunity to begin selecting upper-level graduate classes earlier than usual, reducing the total time of advanced study.

How It Works
RIT students entering their final terms of study begin concurrent graduate study at Nazareth College, which leads to a masters degree and initial teacher certification. Full-time undergraduate tuition is paid to RIT during this time; financial aid is unaffected. Once the baccalaureate is earned, the student may be eligible for specific scholarships for STEM certification (e.g., Robert Noyce Scholar Program, Federal TEACH Grant), and graduate assistantships as a fully matriculated Nazareth College graduate student.

Articulation Agreement
Nazareth College and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) have an articulation agreement to enable qualified undergraduate students from specified RIT undergraduate programs to pursue concurrent coursework in the Nazareth College Master of Science in Education degree program in inclusive early childhood education, inclusive childhood education, and inclusive adolescence education.
This partnership enables students to pursue a technically based Bachelor of Science degree at RIT while meeting the necessary teacher preparation course requirements at Nazareth, thus qualifying them to teach at the early childhood, childhood, middle childhood, or adolescence level in New York state (including meeting requirements for certification in special/inclusive education).

Who Can Apply
This opportunity is available to third- or fourth-year undergraduate RIT students enrolled in the College of Science and the Kate Gleason College of Engineering. Students who already have a graduate degree and require teaching courses may also apply.


  • Individualized career counseling and curriculum advising from faculty at both RIT and Nazareth
  • Best use of elective credits
  • Cost-effective and expedient way to earn a masters degree
  • Facilitated management of transfer credits, graduate application, and financial aid
  • Access to other teacher certification programs as well as annotations and extensions at Nazareth:

For more information, contact:

Michael Cross
Academic Services Coordinator
College Of Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
Pat Huntington
School of Education at
Nazareth College