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Undergraduate research – real research – is one of the best ways for you to better prepare for a career in science. Many undergraduate science programs offer cookbook-style classroom experiments as your introduction to research. But by providing undergraduates the opportunity to do genuine research work, RIT’s College of Science teaches you much, much more. You’ll learn:

You can make it possible for the College of Science to support more Undergraduate Research scholars.

The Fred L. Emerson Foundation has offered a challenge grant to establish the Emerson Endowed Fellowship Program for Undergraduate Research in the College of Science. This challenge, when met, will double the number of science students selected for full time summer research.

RIT has until October 1, 2015 to raise the additional $750,000 in support of undergraduate research.

Please make your gift online, or contact Mark Gaul at mrgdar@rit.edu for more information.

  • Research project planning
  • Project troubleshooting
  • Real problem solving
  • Research assessment

These skills are the foundation of a life in a science field, the life for which we are preparing you. At RIT’s College of Science, your undergraduate research experience is real, hands-on research. It will be highly appealing and it will teach you how to handle the uncertainty and unexpected results that are the nature of scientific research. You’ll be exposed to the truly exhilarating part of discovery, and be better prepared for the challenges of scientific research.

RIT’s College of Science was one of the first in the country to expose undergraduate students to real research, and today encourages all undergraduate students to participate in research work throughout their years of study, including summer research fellowships.



“Being part of a research group as an undergraduate laid the foundation for me becoming a better scientist and prepared me to walk into Goddard because I’d been in this environment before.” ~ Julia Barsi ’97, ’00 (Imaging Calibration Specialist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)


Undergraduate Research Seminars


Undergraduate Research Seminars take place in GOS 08-A300 on Wednesdays from 1 to 1:50 p.m. over pizza and soda to promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Faculty and students participate to listen to presentations given by students from our science and math programs.


To see the schedule and to register to present at



Interpreting Services available upon request; Please submit request at https://myaccess.rit.edu/

We look forward to seeing you there!

 Past Undergraduate Researchers Seminars


Research Scholars Program

2013 Research Scholars Awards

The Research Scholars Program provides opportunity, community, and recognition for students committed to advanced undergraduate research projects within the department. This program is intended for our most advanced research students, particularly those who wish to go on to graduate school and research-based careers.


NSF Research & Mentoring for Deaf Students


Through a strong mentoring network we want our deaf and hard of hearing students to be comfortable and included in research programs. We not only want to increase the number of deaf and hard of hearing students performing undergraduate research but to also get them ready to move on to graduate study. For more information, visit the program’s website.



RIT College of Science REU Programs


The college currently has two NSF REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) programs that allow undergraduates from any university to join in RIT research during the summer. Click the links below to learn about them.

NSF-REU Program in Mathematics at RIT

NSF-REU Program in Imaging Science at RIT


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