Vern Lindberg

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Dr. Lindberg received a BSc in Honours Physics from the University of Alberta, and MS and PhD in Physics from Case Western Reserve University. His graduate research was using positrons to probe voids in aluminum from a fast breeder reactor.
After teaching for 4 years at Hartwick College, he came to RIT. At RIT his research centered on vacuum deposiion in the area of optical thin films and metallurgical thin films. He spent a sabbatical year in the Research Labs at Eastman Kodak, and at the Center for Interfacial Engineering at the University of Minnesota.
For the past 10 years Dr. Lindberg has been heavily involved in research and development of new modes of instruction for introductory physics classes, and was the driving force behind Team Physics, RIT's implementaion of the SCALE-UP model.
Dr. Lindberg has seerved as President of the local chapter of the AVS, and is activley involved with the national American Association of Physics Teachers. 

Research Interests

Currently Dr. Lindberg is interested in how to improve student learning in introductory physics courses. Team Physics, spearheaded by Dr. Lindberg, combines lecture and laboratory experience into a single classroom, and emphasizes student engagemnet.

Selected Publications

Book Contribution: 
“Thin Films—Solid/Solid Interfaces Processed from the Vapor Phase”, with A. Franciosi, W. Gerberich, and W. Gladfelter, a chapter in “Fundamental of Interfacial Engineering”, Robert J. Stokes and D. Fennell Evans, VCH Publishers, 1997.

Online Monograph: 
“Uncertainties, Error Propagation, Graphing, and the Vernier Caliper”, unpublished manual for University Physics Labs (1983-1999). Electronic versions accessible at
V. W. Lindberg, A. R. Woodard, and D. A. Glocker, "Reactive Deposition of Nitrides and Oxides Using a Twin-Cathode Inverted Cylindrical Magnetron"

J. B. Ma, J. Dragon, W. Van Derveer, A. Entenberg, V. Lindberg, M. Anschel, D.-Y. Shih, and P. Lauro, “Use of high temperature and high humidity to test the adhesion of sputtered copper to a polyimide surface modified by an AC nitrogen glow discharge”, J. Adhesion Sci. Technol. 9, pp. 487-499 (1995).
“More than Coursework: Aiding the Transition From Learner to Doer”, Vern Lindberg, Dawn Hollenbeck, and Linda Barton, AAPT Winter Meeting, Ontario, CA February 8, 2012