Zoran Ninkov


Contact Information

OfficeCAR A240
Phone(585) 475-7195
Fax(585) 475-5988

Mailing Address

54 Lomb Memorial Drive
Center for Imaging Science
Rochester Institute ofTechnology
Rochester NY 14623-5604

  • Ph.D. in Astronomy in the Department of Geophysics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Completed in 1986 with thesis supervisor Prof. Gordon Walker. The thesis title was ”Observation and Interpretation of the X-ray binary Cygnus X-1”. 
  • M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry at Monash University. Completed in 1980 with thesis supervisor Prof. R.D. Brown. The thesis title was '” Beam Spectrometer for Studies of Radioastronomically Interesting Molecular Ions”.
  • B.Sc.(1st Class Honours) in Physics at the University of Western Australia. Completed in 1977 with final year supervisor Associate Prof. R. S. Crisp. The thesis title was “Construction of a SQUID Magnetometer”.

Job Responsibilities

Professor, Center for Imaging Science
Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy
Professor, Center for Detectors

Research Interests


Selected Publications

  • Rhodes, D.B. ; Ninkov, Z.; Newman, J.D.; Lee, P.; Gosian, G.J.  [2012] “Development of radiometrically accurate synthetic thermal infrared video for tracking algorithm evaluation”, Proc SPIE vol 8403, 840306
  • Fourspring, K.; Ninkov, Z.  [2012] “Optical characterization of a micro-grid polarimeter”,  Proc. SPIE 8364, 83640M
  • Raisanen, A.D. ; Presnar, M.D.; Ninkov, Z.; Fourspring, K.; Meng, L.; Kerekes, J.P. [2012]  “Simulation of practical single-pixel wire-grid polarizers for superpixel stokes vector imaging arrays” Optical Engineering,  51, 1016201
  • Ausfeld, K.; Ninkov, Z.; Lee, P.; Newman, J.D.; Gosian, G.  [2011] “Polynomial fitting adaptive Kalman filter tracking and choice of correlation coefficient”, SPIE Proc. 8395, 83950R
  • Rhodes D.B., Ninkov Z., Pipher J.L., McMurtry C.W., Newman J.D., Lee P.K., Gosian G.J. and Presnar  M.D. [2010]  “Synthetic scene building for testing thermal signature tracking algorithms, Proc. SPIE, vol 7813, 781309
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  • Moore A.,  Ninkov Z., Burley G., Forrest W.J., Mc Murtry C., Avery L. , [2003] “Operation and Test of Hybridized Silicon p-i-n Arrays Using Open-source Array Control Hardware and Software” , Proceedings of the SPIE volume 5017,27
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