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The Nathaniel Rochester Society (NRS) donors are RIT's most generous supporters, providing leadership level financial support ($1,000+ annually) to the university. NRS donors are recognized by the university for their annual support through a variety of community activities and communications. NRS provides opportunities for supporters to interact with their peers, celebrate exemplary service to the university, and join in the activities and campus life of the RIT family.

Thank you for being a part of this special group comprised of RIT's most generous supporters.

As always, thank you for your involvement with RIT and NRS.

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There many exciting RIT sponsored events taking place on campus and across the country each week. Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate!

Thursday, March 28, 2013, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Reception at the Game Developers Conference
San Francisco, CA
Contact Linda Miller at

For a complete listing of RIT events around the country, visit NRS members are cordially invited to all events.


NRS Privileges Card pilot program launches

Exclusive new program for one of several new benefits

Judsons, Reich, Chosen for 2013 NRS Awards

Longtime NRS donors will be honored at Summer Gala

Maya Angelou coming to RIT on March 25th

Internationally recognized poet and writer to give keynote


"Big Shot" Heads to Dallas, TX

School of Photographic Sciences Seeks Funding for Student Travel


Kevin and Anita Olsson with Dr. David Olsson Scholarship winner, Gabrielle Villar.

Kevin, Elizabeth and Anita Olsson

Each quarter we introduce one of our NRS members and the great impact they have at RIT. This is an opportunity for you to get to know those who share your commitment to RIT and what they are doing both on and off campus.

Welcome to these new NRS members:

Mr. Norman G. Reid
Mr. Peter E. Cimmet
Mr. Brian J. Tajuddin
Mr. Sean Donohoe
Mr. Jim Witzel
Mr. Cornell Alexander Bosley
Mr. John N. Angelis
Mr. David L. Olsson
Mrs. Ann Wolanski
Mr. Richard J. Orr
Ms. Kathleen R. Whelehan
Mr. James H. Janicki
Mrs. Rebecca L. Christie
Mr. William J. Sweeney
Mr. David P. Gardner
Mrs. Anh T. Karam
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brownlee
Mr.. Michael J. Paulius
Mr. Edward S. Butcher
Mrs. Adrienne Davis-Brody
Mr. Eugene R. Elrod
Mr. Joseph Goldstone
Mr. Toby Eric Metcalf
Mr. Daniel C. Kellem
Mr. Richard Dennis Battaglia
Mr. & Mrs. James Henriksen
Mr. Bo Yuan
Mr. J. David Gallahue
Mr. James A. Pettit
Mr. John Kennedy Whalen
Mrs. Kimberly A. Madore
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Mondiek
Mr. Brian J. Gionta
Ms. Erica Rogers
Ms. Nadia A. Bolalek
Mr. & Mrs. Fu-Sung Liu
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Palmer
Ms. Katherine C. Dugan
Ms. Lydia S. Palmer
Mr. Mark D. Williams
Mr. Richard M. Yackel
Mr. Kenneth W. Greenwood
Ms. Sheryl Bringman
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Calkins
Mr. Brian D. Lopez-Cepero
Mr. Gerald R. McCue
Mr. Christopher S. Caruso
Ms. Margaret Murray
Ms. Elaine L. Cohen
Dr. Santosh K. Kurinec
Mr. Sol Simpson
Mr. Mark Prugh
Mr. Sean Flanagan
Mr. John D. Fulton
Mr. Asher Flaum
Mr. Richard Y. Wong
Mr. Daniel J. Schreiner
Mr. Bruce Fram
Mr. Michael Peter Belden
Mr. Steven Fram
Dr. dt ogilvie
Mrs. Barbara L. August
Ms. Francine L. Suan
Mr. Frank R. Selvaggi
John and Seana Holtz
Mr. David A. Lysack
Mr. Francis N. Burzik
Mr. Paul J. Wilmot
Ms. Loretta C. Wilmot
Mr. James A. Wilmot
Mr. Steven F. Matteson

Thank you for supporting RIT!


Questions or comments for NRS

Interested in hosting an event in your area? Connected to a company that has the potential to provide co-op opportunities for current students? Do you have friends that are interested in hearing more about NRS and becoming part of the RIT community?

If you have ideas for how NRS can become even better, let us know. We want to host events in your area, and are very interested in helping connect you to RIT opportunities.

Contact Linda Miller, Director of Leadership Giving at