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The Nathaniel Rochester Society (NRS) donors are RIT's most generous supporters, providing leadership level financial support ($1,000+ annually) to the university. NRS donors are recognized by the university for their annual support through a variety of community activities and communications. NRS provides opportunities for supporters to interact with their peers, celebrate exemplary service to the university, and join in the activities and campus life of the RIT family.

Thank you for being a part of this special group comprised of RIT's most generous supporters.

As always, thank you for your involvement with RIT and NRS.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
An Evening with RIT President Bill Destler
The Lodge at Welch Allyn, Skaneatles, NY

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Award winners Steve and Vicki Shultz, and Don Boyce with wife, Jeris, at the 2012 Presidents' Ball

NRS Honorees at Presidents' Ball

Don Boyce was named Volunteer of the Year, and Steve and Vicki Schultz were named Outstanding Alumni of the Year at the Presidents' Ball during Brick City Homecoming weekend. Videos shown at the ball are available to view here:
- Don Boyce
- Steve & Vicki Schultz

Colleen Talty, daughter of Patrick Talty, joins in the fun during ROAR Day.

NRS Pitches In at ROAR Day

Several NRS supporters helped make the 7th annual ROAR Day annual fund kick off a success!

Constellation Brands Welcomes NRS

Over 50 RIT alumni and friends were hosted by NRS Executive Committee member Andy Cooney '95, '00 and Enid Cardinal, RIT Senior Sustainability Advisor to the President, for a reception at Constellation Brands headquarters in Victor, NY, on November 15th.

Campus NRS Supporters are Celebrated

Fifty faculty and staff NRS supporters enjoyed an early fall luncheon on campus in September. The audience heard a message of appreciation for their extra measure of dedication to RIT. Speakers at the event included Steve Morse, Heath Boice-Pardee, Marca Lam and Rochester City Scholar Jamal Campbell.


Saunders Challenge Reaches Half-Way Point

Thanks to a recent planned gift from NRS member Susan Riley, The Saunders Challenge campaign for the E. Philip Saunders College of Business has raised more than 50% of its $15,000,000 goal. Susan's commitment pushed the attainment total for the Challenge to $7,647,541 (50.9%). That amount is being matched 3:1 by a challenge gift from NRS member Phil Saunders.


Each quarter we introduce one of our NRS members and the great impact they have at RIT. This is an opportunity for you to get to know those who share your commitment to RIT and what they are doing both on and off campus.

Meet David Branca

Welcome to these new NRS donors:

Mr. John Earl Amschler '96
Ms. Karen A. Barrows '04
Mr. Mark Barrows
Mr. Jeffrey A. Begoon '78
Ms. Nancy Bloch
Mr. Timothy J. Butler '64
Mr. Rory N. Camardello '09
Ms. Susanne Carpenter '93
Mr. Sean Donohoe
Mrs. Susan August Eastwood
Mr. Robert Eller
Mrs. Marylyn Elliott
Dr. John E. Ettlie
Mr. Mark Fairchild '84, '86
Mr. J. David Gallahue '66
Mr. Jackson T. Getting
Mr. William B. Hemler
Mr. Charles Kuon '88
Mr. Craig M. Martek '11, '12
Mr. Shaun Michael MacKenzie '89
Ms. Donna Moore
Mr. Jean-Guy E. Naud '68
Mr. Gerald A. Nelson
Ms. Lisa Reniff '86, '89
Mr. David M. Rogers
Mr. Frank Romano
Ms. Kathryn Romano
Ms. Nina A. Romano '89
Mr. Philip Rubin '72
Mrs. Yuk L. Seidman '06
Mr. Bary J. Siegel '68
Ms. Teresa Standish-Kuon '86, '88
Mr. Robert Daniel Thomas '84
Mr. Hector G. Vargas '04
Mr. Jason N. Webb '00
Mr. Joshua Weinberg '89
Mrs. Deborah L. Whitehead '85
Mark D. Williams '92, '99
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wilson
Ms. Kathy Misuk Yu '91

New NRS members added since September 1, 2012.
Thank you for supporting RIT!


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Interested in hosting an event in your area? Connected to a company that has the potential to provide co-op opportunities for current students? Do you have friends that are interested in hearing more about NRS and becoming part of the RIT community?

If you have ideas for how NRS can become even better, let us know. We want to host events in your area, and are very interested in helping connect you to RIT opportunities.

Contact Tara DeLeo, your Director of NRS at