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RIT Alumni Association
RIT Alumni Association

Donor Relations

RIT ensures a comprehensive and quality program of both stewardship initiatives as well as various events to cultivate, engage and recognize all of our donors and prospective donors for their tremendous support of this great university, our students and our faculty/staff. Our donor stewardship team is responsible for both sustaining and nurturing RIT's lifelong relationship with our donors while providing accurate and timely information specific to the investment, use and impact of donor gifts.

Donor-focused stewardship is accomplished through timely and appropriate gift acknowledgement, fund reporting, donor recognition, donor appreciation activities and events, and stewardship activities. Through meaningful and consistent contacts with donors and prospective constituencies, the office aids fundraising efforts in building lifelong relationships with donors and instills in them the trust that their gifts and investments are supporting the success of the university.


We are deeply appreciative of our donors and their support. Every gift – no matter the amount – makes a difference. You help RIT fuel creativity and spark innovation so our students can go on to change the world. Read more »


RIT is committed to acknowledging a gift, in writing, in a timely, accurate, and gracious manner. Every gift to RIT is acknowledged according to its level and type. Read more »


Each fall Donor Stewardship generates endowment reports for all scholarships and endowed funds. These reports reflect the fiscal status and endowment growth of each fund and are distributed to the representatives of each fund. Read more »


Each year the university awards named scholarships, made possible through the generosity of hundreds of individuals and organizations. Awards are made by RIT's Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships or academic departments in accordance with the special criteria of each scholarship. Read more »


Your generosity enables RIT to continuously grow and prosper. Because of you, we are collectively building a university for today's students and for generations yet to come. Thank you for making a difference.
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