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Establishing a Legacy


Your personal legacy is more than a statement of how you wish to be remembered. It is something that enriches your life and reveals who you are and what your life is about to your family, friends, and community. You were meant to create a legacy and it is never too early to get started.

But, how you go about it depends on any number of factors including your life stage, your financial and income needs and what you are most passionate about.

For a list of ways on how to get started, download Some Ideas on How to Establish Your Legacy.

In addition to considering yours and your family's needs now and into the future and if you are ready to begin the estate planning process, it is time to think about creating your Will. Having a Will is the essential first step in securing your family's future while also establishing and preserving your legacy.

And, creating a Will is easy with the step-by-step Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust. Download your free Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust to get started.

For questions and additional insights into how to establish your legacy, please contact our Planned Giving department at 585.475.3106 or plannedgiving@rit.edu. If you would prefer to be contacted directly, please complete the following form:

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It is more than a donation. It is your legacy.

Disclaimer: The information included on this website is not intended to be legal or tax advice and may not be relied upon for tax decisions you wish to make. Always contact your tax or legal advisor to see if the ideas discussed in this article are appropriate for you.