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Dan Christner '07

Young faculty and staff can make a big difference through giving

Dan Christner '07 thought that giving seemed like something older and more successful people were part of. In just a few years of working at RIT, he learned that anyone can make a difference in the RIT community through their giving.

At just 27 years old, he was still a young alumnus, and just beginning his career in Alumni Relations. He had a lot of other demands on his paycheck, and he didn't think he could afford to make a gift to RIT. But he learned he could make a commitment – and a leadership giving commitment at that – through payroll deduction that didn't impact his daily activities.

"Without RIT there is no chance I would be where I am today," says Dan. "Most of my friends are not where they want to be in their career – they are either unhappy in their jobs, underemployed or unemployed. RIT blessed me with great relationships as a student and now as full-time employee."