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Bob Finnerty
Bob Finnerty Gives to build Tiger Spirit!

"I have personally benefited on two fronts in my 12-year RIT career and that is why I feel compelled to give back to the university. First, I earned my master's degree at RIT in multidisciplinary studies, where I focused on marketing as well as communication and media technologies. The professors were amazing and the experience has enhanced my career. Second, my oldest son has benefitted from the Tuition Exchange Scholarship and I have two more children who may take advantage of our generous benefits. So with that in mind, I feel I need to do my part to fuel RIT's momentum.

I split my annual gift in two areas: 1) The Government and Community Relations Divisional Scholarship, which helps students who work in the division, including University News. 2) The campaign for the Gene Polisenni Center, because I believe that athletics plays a large role in school spirit and bringing the community together.

I've been blessed to be at RIT during an amazing time period."