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Jon Freckleton

As a sophomore engineering student in 1958, I was awarded a three year Union Carbide Scholarship. My father died when I was 13 and my mom was left with two kids and a pile of medical debts. The scholarship meant a lot to my family.

Thanks to my mother and the Union Carbide scholarship, I have had a great career as an engineer including 25 years teaching at RIT. I have been able to see the world, I have worked with very talented students, and I have been able to support my own two children through their studies to become doctors.

My effort to payback those who made my education possible has been supporting five endowed scholarships at Rochester area colleges, two here at RIT: the Doolittle Merrill College of Science Endowed Scholarship and the Howard Freckleton and Roy Hamel Endowed Scholarship for First Responders. These endowed scholarships allow donors like me to honor loved ones and recognize others in a way more meaningful than just a grave stone in a cemetery. My parents, my Aunt and Uncle who did so much for me after my father's early death, the many people who helped me or my children; and Roy Hamel, who was an ordinary working man who became extraordinary with his work as a volunteer firefighter – these are the people who inspired my giving.

I am proud to have seen those funds grow so they now provide much needed support to our RIT students.

Jon E Freckleton, PE Inactive/Ret.
LtCol USAF Res Ret.
Assoc Prof Emeritus