RIT Alumni Association
RIT Alumni Association

Why Annual Giving Matters

Annual gifts are an indication of the pride that our alumni, current students, parents, faculty, staff and friends have for RIT. Your support goes to work immediately, helping to ensure that one more Tiger achieves their goal of becoming an RIT graduate. Whether providing scholarships, college priorities, recruiting stellar faculty, improving facilities, or placing lab equipment in classrooms, annual gifts enable RIT to provide resources not covered by tuition. Each gift, no matter how small, has enormous impact on students, faculty and the future of RIT.

  • Your gifts make RIT accessible
    Tuition and fees alone do not cover the full cost of educating a student at RIT. Your support makes it possible for many students to access an RIT education that otherwise wouldn't have been affordable.

  • Your gifts make RIT personal
    Each person has a unique reason for supporting RIT. We all have our own special memories of this extraordinary school and want to ensure that future generations have the same opportunities. Every year, every gift, of every size truly makes a difference.

  • Your gifts make tremendous impact
    The financial commitments of our donors make transformational opportunities a reality at RIT. We invite YOU to lend your support today, and become part of the living legacy that is RIT.
Make your gift today.

Your support of RIT matters. See how your gifts make an impact on students, families and our campus each and every day.

I care about the annual Fund for RIT…
Alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends and students know the value of an RIT education. Giving back to the university gives them a chance to show how much they care about RIT and ensure its continued success. Read more »

Scholarships make it happen for students like me
When I walk along the Quarter Mile on RIT's campus, I'm usually in a hurry to get to class. Seeing everything that's going on and getting involved, I'm reminded of how happy I am to be at RIT. When I talk with new friends at Gracie's, Wallace Library or Gordon Field House, I learn we all have dreams and goals. Read more »

You can get us over the GAP!
February is a month of special days – Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, Black History Month, Presidents' Day, winter breaks and more. At RIT, GAP Day is a special day on campus in late February each year. We don't celebrate it. We don't even publicize it. But maybe we should. Read more »

Your gifts make your college great!
Gifts to the annual fund are often directed to one of RIT's nine colleges to support a variety of activities and academic needs. These gifts are critical to our colleges in helping them perform the "daily work" of educating our students, and directly impacts the quality of RIT's degree programs. Read more »

Alumni and Parents - Partners in Higher Education
Five years ago, like many other families, Kathleen Clas and her husband set out to help their college bound twin sons select a college that was right for them. They looked to balance value with affordability. While the Rochester natives applied to other colleges, they have always respected RIT and the educational value it offered, especially the broad set of experiences provided combined with career-specific training. Read more »

No Greater Need
Last year, more than $1.8 million in annual fund gifts were directed to scholarships and fellowships in RIT's nine colleges – 32 percent of all money given to the annual fund. Supporting scholarships means supporting students who dream of what an RIT education can offer them, but can't hope to pay the cost of tuition without crippling student loans. Read more »

Who cares about the Fund for RIT?
Supporting the Fund for RIT, the university's annual giving program, is the best way for you to show your Tiger Pride and an important way to ensure the continued excellence of an RIT education. Now, more than ever in RIT's history, your support is critical to the future success of the university. Read more »

Top 5 Myths about Fundraising at RIT
Each year, RIT's alumni relations office hosts more than 350 events and sends thousands of communications to our alumni body to celebrate Tiger Pride with you and share the great news of what's happening with your alma mater. Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Give
If you've graduated in the last 10 years, chances are you don't have a lot of disposable income. But if you feel you benefited from your RIT education in a fundamental way, consider giving a little back to an area of RIT you care about. Read more »

Your gifts make great spaces!
Did you know that admitted students tell us that the quality of our academic facilities is among the most important factors in their decision to enroll at RIT? That’s why continued support of outstanding campus facilities is so important. Read more »

Imagine RIT with More Support
What could RIT be with your participation in the Fund for RIT each year? If you haven't decided to support your alma mater yet, or if you haven't made your gift this year, we want you to imagine RIT with greater alumni support. Want to know how it would look? Read more »

Last Call 2014
You can make it happen for RIT - here's how!
You can make a difference at RIT by supporting the Fund for RIT before June 30. Making your annual gift is one of the most important and impactful things loyal Tiger alumni can do to help RIT grow. No matter the size of your gift, support from you and your fellow alumni is a clear vote of confidence in RIT's mission. Read more »

We will be more interested in mathematical modeling than in being models
K-12 programs make science, math, and engineering exciting to young women
Imagine a new generation of young women finding science, technology, engineering and math as interesting as make up and music! It's happening at RIT. Read more »

Your gifts help launch new businesses!
Hear from RIT alumnus, Jason Shanley ’14, about how the Simone Center’s support and programs helped him build UrLocker from a great student idea to a viable business. Watch the video » Read more »