Funding Resources

Foundation Directory Online
The Foundation Directory Online is a comprehensive database of 80,000 private foundations nationwide. Accessible to RIT faculty and staff 24/7, it enables you to identify the most probable funders to meet your specific need. Search by field of interest, geographic location, scale of grant, type of funding needed, and more. Then view a concise profile of each foundation, including how to approach, and URL for details. We encourage faculty and staff to use this remarkable resource often and then to contact Foundation Relations at before contacting any foundation. We are also available to do training sessions for you or your working group.

Tips, Links, and Templates
We encourage you to contact us if you are considering seeking foundation support for your research or project. Our office can guide you to resources and may be able to help identify potential funders. If you would first like to learn more about foundation grantmaking or research funding opportunities on your own, this page lists some sources of information that may be helpful.

Many foundations make their interests and guidelines widely available on the Internet. This is now the best way to determine, prior to any conversation with us or with the funder, whether your project might be a match with the foundation's interests.

Resource Links
Although there are over 70,000 private foundations in the US, most fund only in a very specific geographic area, to a very specific type of organization, for a very specific activity based on a very specific interest. How do you find the relatively few who might come close to being a good match for your needs and then the one or two who might be the best fit?

The Foundation Center maintains the most comprehensive information about all types of foundations in the US. It maintains a useful and up-to-date site with many useful links. It includes information from its directories, news, and an online library.

Foundation Websites
In general, the most up-to-date information about any foundation will be found on its own website. Most medium and large foundations have websites, on which they post their guidelines, contact names and phone numbers, deadlines, lists of past grants, and annual reports. We recommend checking the results of your directory searches against the foundations' sites.

Proposal-Writing Resources

Philanthropy News Digest

The Chronicle of Philanthropy"The newspaper of the nonprofit world;" some portions of the web site available only to subscribers.
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The Chronicle of Higher Education
The major news service in the United States academic world. Presents news and information for college and university faculty members and administration.
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