Impact of Legacy Giving

We thank all of our legacy donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories, and the impact they have had on RIT students.

Legacy giving is invaluable to the long-term health of RIT. Your gift, committed through your estate plans and other planned giving, ensures that generations of RIT students will receive an outstanding education.

Legacy giving is especially important for initiatives that impact the core academic areas of the university, and provide support that will live on for decades. Your commitment can support faculty positions and scholarship funds. It can keep RIT's facilities state-of-the-art for generations. It can provide funding to support an academic program, a student organization, or countless other areas that make the RIT experience so valuable to our students.

All you need to impact generations of RIT students is a desire to leave a legacy, just like the donors below:

Dr. Jack and Barbara Clarcq

Dr. Jack and Barbara Clarcq

"After more than 40 years of professionally and personally rewarding experiences as RIT faculty, it was easy for my wife and me to commit to establishing an endowed scholarship within the College of Health Sciences and Technology."


Rick ’77, ’79 and Patty ’88 Stoffel

Rick ’77, ’79 and Patty ’88 Stoffel

"It was not a hard decision to continue a legacy at RIT through our estate planning. RIT provided us with a well-rounded, useful education and has done the same for our son. We have been blessed as graduates of RIT and encourage our fellow alumni to join us in giving back through their own estate planning—establishing a legacy of their own."


Gary Sugarman, RIT Parent,

Gary Sugarman, RIT Parent, '11, '14

"RIT is a special place to our family. But, a great education is expensive and not everyone has the means to make a degree a reality. If we could provide scholarships so others could get the same RIT experience our children did, we would do so gratefully. So, I contacted my attorney and made a provision to establish a scholarship in each of the two RIT programs that gave our children this great start.”


Jeff Harris

Jeff Harris '75 and Joyce Pratt

Jeff Harris '75 and Joyce Pratt chose a unique gift to commemorate the 90th birthday of his mother. To honor her lifetime commitment to education, they established the Jane King Harris Scholarship. After learning about the many benefits, they chose to make their tremendous gift of scholarship, in part, through appreciated stock.


Steve Matteson

Steve Matteson '77

“I didn't realize when I left RIT that I was leaving with anything other than a bachelor's degree. As I fast forward to today, I see that RIT gave me lifetime skills. I have become a 'systems thinker', a teaching machine. I've often asked myself—what can I do to give back? I have been involved at RIT through lecturing, mentoring, and hiring RIT students. Now, I'm giving back by including RIT in my estate plans.”
—Steve Matteson
   BS Engineering ’77


Warren Goldman

Warren Goldman

"Over 39 years as a RIT faculty member, I've developed a strong belief in the benefits to young deaf and hard-of-hearing students that stem from an RIT/NTID education. I wanted to do whatever I could to ensure that future generations are able to take advantage of the outstanding opportunities for the educational success and personal development offered here at RIT. Establishing a scholarship now and adding to it through my estate was the perfect way to benefit these deserving students and the university."

Jack Fritz

Jack Fritz '68

"RIT and my co-op experience provided a wonderful and nurturing environment for my professional as well as personal growth. After 40 years of international development working with various countries struggling with economic and social challenges, I see firsthand how important it is to give back."

Holly A. Fitzpatrick

Holly A. Fitzpatrick '80

"My RIT education gave me the tools to build the foundation of my professional career plus lifetime friendships and memories. Naming RIT in my estate planning was an easy decision as I want to enable future students the same opportunity."

Dale Bondanza

Dale Bondanza '92

"I believe those of us that were blessed with more education than one man should have, owe a debt, payable not just with money, but by sharing our experience and wisdom."

William Prentice II

William Prentice II '99

"As I reflect, I realize the earning of that degree was as much my parents' accomplishment as mine. It is for these reasons, and to honor the silent, humble fight of my parents that I wanted to provide aid to another family. I hope that the same sense of accomplishment and pride can be shared in their midst." As William established his estate plan, he considered how it might be used to serve others. He made the choice to give back to RIT and to his family through the Prentice Family Endowed Scholarship.