RIT Alumni Association
RIT Alumni Association

Impact of NRS Giving

Klaus and Brigitte Gueldenpfennig

Klaus and Brigitte Gueldenpfennig
2014 NRS Award winners

From our student days to our alumni years, Brigitte and I feel privileged to have associated with many wonderful people at RIT. It is important for us to be part of an organization like NRS that connects the university with the greater community. Watch the video »

Jan Reich

Jan Reich '90
2013 Whitaker Service Medallion winner

I am proud to be an RIT alumnus, and prouder still to be an NRS supporter. Our annual leadership gifts are mission-critical to the university and provide invaluable support to our students and faculty. The impact they have on the important work of RIT is huge.

Elisabeth "Ebets" and Thomas F. Judson Jr.

Elisabeth "Ebets" and Thomas F. Judson Jr.
2013 NRS Award winners

Our association with RIT has been a special part of our lives. We've been privileged to witness its growth and increasing prominence in the community. NRS is a wonderful organization, in that it connects RIT with the greater community, and that is very important.

Marcus Parker

Marcus Parker '98, '02

Over the years I have realized how being a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Mu Sigma Chapter has had a positive impact on my life. There is a strong bond between the undergraduate chapter and alumni network which contributes to the success each brother has achieved after college days have swiftly passed. This success has proven to be the catalyst for an enduring chapter alumni network and a force multiplier for this endowed scholarship. In an effort to show the undergraduate brothers, RIT, and students that they are supported by our alumni network, the alumni brothers established the Alpha Phi Alpha Mu Sigma Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Brian O

Brian O'Shaughnessy '81, '86

Because there is such great, innovative work going on at RIT, we have a duty to let the outside world know what's going on here, and an obligation to support the university so that work can continue.

Lisa Talty,

Lisa Talty, '91, '97

I am grateful for the opportunities I had at RIT during my time as a student. As an active NRS member I recognize the importance of investing in the future of students on campus.

Meredith Smith

Meredith Smith

I believe our students are a force for transformation of our community, our state, our nation and our world. I am constantly amazed at the difference they make in our region and beyond. Our students should have access to scholarships and financial support so that they can explore not only their intellectual pursuits but their passion to make the world a better place for all of us.

Dave Branca

Dave Branca '05

I owe it to the past, present and future students and alumni of RIT to continue building upon and participating with the vessel that not only challenges but also fortifies what is learned in the classroom: student organizations.