Sustaining Donor

RIT had a huge impact on both of our lives. We select a specific cause to give to each year knowing that it will have a positive impact."

—Sheila Chabot ’05 (Media Arts and Technology)
—Matthew Chabot ’07 (Electrical Engineering)

Sheila and Matt Chabot chose to become Sustaining Donors. An amount that they chose is charged to their credit card on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, annually – they got to pick) until their giving goal is reached. They can also decide to have their recurring gift continue until they ask to stop. It’s an easy and effective way to give.

Thanks to the Chabots’ gift, a scholarship fund that they support grows…more students get aid…Sheila and Matt get a tax deduction and the pride of knowing they gave what they wanted to give.

Sheila and Matt made a smart choice. Join them!

Become a Sustaining Donor today.