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Academic Programs & Services

Please CLICK HERE if you are a current RIT-CSTEP student and would like to request any of the services we provide.

A hallmark of RIT-CSTEP is the academic and social support networks we provide for program participants--services intended to complement a student's major degree program. RIT-CSTEP provides opportunities for students to take advantage of the following proven retention services:

Summer Bridge Program

A four-week summer academic enrichment, confidence and community-building program that consists of credit-bearing courses, enrichment education, exposure to research, and community service programs. The Summer Bridge Program is available to first-yer students who have been accepted to RIT and RIT-CSTEP with a paid deposit to the university.

Faculty Mentoring Program

All students are paired with an CSTEP faculty or staff mentor. Meetings take place quarterly and as needed based upon the needs of each individual student.

Peer Mentoring Program

Under-classmen are paired with an upper-classmen, ideally in the same major; bi-quarterly meetings are required and include a positive reinforcement.

Academic Success Incentive Program

Students who achieve a GPA over 3.0, make honor roll or the Dean's list will receive additional recognition for their academic success.

1-on-1 Tutoring

We provide One-on-One tutoring in gateway and upper-division coursework. Students arrange to meet with their assigned tutor at a time of mutual convenience to improve their grades in difficult courses.

Research Placement and Supervised Training in Research Methods

Research opportunities are sought for qualified students interested in obtaining research experience with efforts made to pair them with faculty from an under-represented group.

Kaplan/APACS CSTEP Scholarship Award

CSTEP students are eligible for an award to cover the cost of attendance for GRE, LSAT and other Graduate/Professional preparatory courses if they plan to continue their pursuit in a CSTEP targeted field. Award winners who complete an approved prep course are given priority to receive funding to take their graduate or professional exam.

Graduate School Application Assistance

Students who plan to continue their pursuit of a CSTEP targeted field can receive funding to cover the cost of their Graduate/Professional school applications.


Students are eligible to participate in a number or workshops, networking events and conferences. These events are focused on academic and career development and preparing students as they transition into the next stage of their CSTEP target field.