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Students wishing to enroll in RIT-CSTEP must be:

  • A resident of New York State (for at least 12-months);
  • A member of an under-represented group (Black, Hispanic or Native American) OR be a low-income student;
  • A full-time student (12 credit hours or more);
  • In good academic standing (Possess a GPA of 2.25 or higher);
  • Interested in pursuing a CSTEP target field. Most eligible majors are listed below under "Eligible Majors".
  • RIT-CSTEP Application

    Students who meet the above criteria and wish to join RIT-CSTEP should download and complete an application.

    RIT-CSTEP Application (Word)

    RIT-CSTEP Application (PDF)

    Once complete, please submit the application along with any supporting materials to:

    Ashley Simmons, Program Assistant
    RIT - Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program
    Liberal Arts Building (Bldg.# 6), Room A-210
    Rochester, NY 14623

    We are located in the Liberal Arts Building, room A-210. This is in the basement of the building directly across from the library..

    If you have any questions or concerns while completing the RIT-CSTEP application please email aascstep@rit.edu or phone (585) 475-4982.

    Eligible Majors

    The following majors at RIT are eligible for enrollment into RIT-CSTEP.

    B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences (GCCIS)
    School of Informatics
    Applied Networking & Systems Administration (VNSA)
    Information Security and Forensics (VNSF)
    Information Technology (VKSF)
    Medical Informatics (VKSM)

    School of Interactive Games & Media
    Game Design and Development (VIGD)
    New Media Interactive Development (VIGN)
    Computer Science (VCSG)
    Computing Exploration (VGCU)
    Informatics Exploration (VGIU)
    Software Engineering (VSEN)

    College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST)
    School of Engineering Technology
    Civil Engineering Technology (ITFC)
    Computer Engineering Technology (ITFP)
    Electrical / Mechanical Engineering Technology (ITFS)
    Electrical / Mechanical Engineering Technology (ITFL)
    Electrical Engineering Technology (ITFE)
    Manufacturing Engineering Technology (ITFF)
    Mechanical Engineering Technology (ITFM)
    Telecommunications Engineering Technology (ITFT)
    Undeclared Engineering Technology (ITFZ)
    Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety
    Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety (IEME)
    Safety Technology (IEMS)

    Packaging Science
    Packaging Science (IPKT)

    College of Health Sciences and Technology (CHST)
    Biomedical Sciences (HSBS)
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) - BS (HCLS)
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Certificate (HCLT)
    Nutrition Management (HSMD)
    Physician Assistant BS/MS (HCLA)
    College of Imaging Arts and Sciences (CIAS)
    School of Art
    Medical Illustration (JADM)

    School of Design
    3D Digital Graphics (JADQ)
    Graphic Design (JADC)
    Industrial Design (JADU)
    New Media Design & Imaging (JADW)
    School of Film and Animation
    Film/Video/Animation (JPHQ)
    Motion Picture Science (JPHF)

    School of Photographic Arts and Sciences
    Biomedical Photographic Communications (JPHB)
    Imaging & Photographic Technology (JPHT)

    School of Print Media
    Media Arts and Technology (JPRW)
    College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
    Economics (GECN)
    Pre-Law Studies (GPLW)
    Psychology (GPSY)
    College of Science (COS)
    General Science Exploration (undeclared Science) (SSEG)
    Biochemistry (SCHB)
    Chemistry (SCHC)
    Chemistry - Environmental Option (SCHW)
    Imaging Science (SIMG)
    Physics (SPSP)
    Polymer Chemistry (SCHM)
    Predentistry Studies (SPDT)
    Premedical Studies (SPMD)
    Preveterinary Studies (SPVT)
    School of Biological and Medical Sciences
    Bioinformatics (SBIC)
    Biology (SBIB)
    Environmental Science (SBIV)
    Molecular Bioscience & Biotechnology (SBIT)
    Molec. Bio. & Biotech. - Bioinformatics Option (SBIF)

    School of Mathematical Sciences
    Applied Mathematics (SMAM)
    Computational Mathematics (SMAC)
    Applied Statistics (SMAS)
    E. Philip Saunders College of Business (COB)
    Accounting (BBUA)
    Management Information Systems (BBUI)

    Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE)
    Engineering Exploration (Undeclared Engineering) (EENG)
    Biomedical Engineering (EBME)
    Chemical Engineering (ECME)
    Computer Engineering (EECC)
    Comp. Eng. - Software Engineering Option (EECS)

    Electrical Engineering (EEEE)
    Elect. Eng. - Biomedical Engineering Option (EEEM)
    Elect. Eng. - Clean and Renewable Energy Option (EEES)
    Elect. Eng. - Computer Engineering Option (EEEC)
    Elect. Eng. - Robotics Option (EEER)
    Industrial & Systems Engineering (EIEI)
    Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Ergonomics Option (EIEE)
    Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Manufacturing Option (EIEN)
    Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Supply Chain Management (EIEY)
    Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Information Systems Option (EIEK)
    Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Lean Six Sigma Option (EIEL)

    Mechanical Engineering (EMEM)
    Mech. Eng. - Aerospace Engineering Option (EMEA)
    Mech. Eng. - Automotive Engineering Option (EMEV)
    Mech. Eng. - Bioengineering Option (EMED)
    Mech. Eng. - Energy & the Environment Option (EMEE)
    Mech. Eng. - Microelectronic Engineering (EMCR)

    National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)
    Accounting Technology (NBNA)
    Applied Computer Technology (NACA)
    Applied Computer Technology (NACT)
    Applied Mechanical Technology (NAMA)
    Computer Aided Drafting Technology (NCDA)
    Computer Integrated Machining Technology (NMTO)
    Engineering Technology Pre-baccalaureate (NAPE)
    Laboratory Science Technology (NLSA)
    Science Pre-baccalaureate (NAPS)