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Students wishing to enroll in RIT-CSTEP must be:

  • A resident of New York State (for at least 12-months);
  • A member of an under-represented group (Black, Hispanic or Native American) OR be a low-income student;
  • A full-time student (12 credit hours or more);
  • In good academic standing (Possess a GPA of 2.25 or higher);
  • Interested in pursuing a CSTEP target field. Most eligible majors are listed below under "Eligible Majors".
  • RIT-CSTEP Application

    Students who meet the above criteria and wish to join RIT-CSTEP should download and complete an application.

    RIT-CSTEP Application (Word)

    RIT-CSTEP Application (PDF)

    Once complete, please submit the application along with any supporting materials to:

    Charlene Reagen, Program Assistant
    RIT - Collegiate Science & Technology Entry Program
    Liberal Arts Building (Bldg.# 6), Room A-210
    Rochester, NY 14623

    We are located in the Liberal Arts Building, room A-210. This is in the basement of the building directly across from the library..

    If you have any questions or concerns while completing the RIT-CSTEP application please email aascstep@rit.edu or phone (585) 475-4982.

    Eligible Majors

    The following majors at RIT are eligible for enrollment into RIT-CSTEP:

    B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences (GCCIS)
    Dept. of Computer Science
    Computer Science (COMPSCI-BS)

    Dept. of Computing Security
    Computing Security (INFOSEC-BS)

    Dept. of Information Sciences & Technologies
    Information Technology (INFOTEC-BS)
    Networking & Systems Administration (NETSYS-BS

    School of Interactive Games & Media
    Game Design & Development (GAMEDESIGN-BS)
    New Media Interactive Development (NwMEDID-BS)

    Dept. of Software Engineering
    Software Engineering (SOFTENG-BS)

    College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST)
    Undeclared Engineering Technology (ENGTEH-UND)

    Dept. of Civil Engineering Technology, Environmental Management, and Safety
    Civil Engineering Technology (CVET-BS)
    Environmental Sustainability, Health, and Safety (ESHS-BS)

    Dept. of Electrical, Computer & Telecommunications Engineering Technology
    Computer Engineering Technology (CPET-BS)
    Electrical Engineering Technology (EEET-BS)

    Dept. of Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Electrical / Mechanical Engineering Technology (EMET-BS)
    Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MFET-BS)
    Mechanical Engineering Technology (MCET_BS)

    Dept. of Packaging Science
    Packaging Science (PACK-BS)

    College of Health Sciences and Technology (CHST)
    Biomedical Sciences (BIOMED-BS)
    Premedical Option (PREHEALTH)(includes Optometry, Pharmacy, Predentistry, Veterinary Science) Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) - BS (DMSO-BS)
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography - Certificate (DMSO-CT)
    Exercise Science - Certificate (EXERSCI-CT) Nutrition Management (NUTR-BS)
    Physician Assistant BS/MS (PHYA-BS)

    College of Imaging Arts and Sciences (CIAS)
    School of Art
    Medical Illustration (ILLM-BS)

    School of Design
    3D Digital Graphics (3DDG-BFA)
    Graphic Design (GRDE-BFA)
    Industrial Design (IDDE-BFA)
    Interior Design (INDE-BFA)
    New Media Design (NMDE-BFA)

    School of Film and Animation
    Film and Animation (FILMAN-BFA)
    Animation Option (ANIMATION) Production Option (PRODUCTION Motion Picture Science (DIGCIME-BS)
    School of Media Sciences
    Media Arts and Technology (NMEP-BS)

    School of Photographic Arts and Sciences
    Photographic & Imaging Technologies (PHIMTEC-BS)
    Biomedical Photographic Communications Option (BIOPHOCOM) Imaging & Photographic Technology Option (IMGPHOTEC)

    College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
    Economics (ECON-BS)
    Psychology (PSYC-BS)

    College of Science (COS)
    Science Exploration (undeclared Science) (SCIEXP-UND)

    Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science
    Imaging Science (IMGS-BS)

    School of Chemistry & Materials Science
    Biochemistry (BIOCHEM-BS)
    Chemistry (CHEM-BS)

    School of Mathematical Sciences
    Applied Mathematics (APPMTH-BS)
    Applied Statistics (APPSTAT-BS)
    Computational Mathematics (CMTH-BS)
    School of Physics & Astronomy
    Physics (PHYSICS-BS)

    Thomas H. Gosnell School of Life Sciences
    Bioinformatics (BIOINFO-BS)
    Molecular Genetics Option (MOLEGEN) Biology (BIOL-BS)
    Environmental Science (ENVS-BS)
    Biotechnology & Molecular Bioscience (BIOTECH-BS)

    E. Philip Saunders College of Business (SCOB)
    Accounting (ACCT-BS) Management Information Systems (MGIS-BS)

    Kate Gleason College of Engineering (KGCOE)
    Engineering Exploration (Undeclared Engineering) (ENGRX-UND)

    Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering (BIME-BS)

    Dept. of Chemical Engineering
    Chemical Engineering (ECME)

    Dept. of Computer Engineering
    Computer Engineering (CHME-BS)

    Dept. of Electrical Engineering
    Electrical Engineering (EEEE-BS)
    Elect. Eng. - Wireless Communication Option (WIRELESS) Elect. Eng. - Clean and Renewable Energy Option (CLNRENEW) Elect. Eng. - Computer Engineering Option (COMPUTE) Elect. Eng. - Robotics Option (ROBOTIC) Microelectronic Engineering (MCEE-BS)
    Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering
    Industrial Engineering (ISEE-BS)
    Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Ergonomics Option (ERGONOM) Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Manufacturing Option (MANUFAC) Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Supply Chain Management (SUPPLYC) Ind. & Sys. Eng. - Lean Six Sigma Option (LNSIXSGM)
    Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering (MECE-BS)
    Mech. Eng. - Aerospace Engineering Option (AEROSPC) Mech. Eng. - Automotive Engineering Option (AUTOMOT) Mech. Eng. - Bioengineering Option (BIOENGR) Mech. Eng. - Energy & Environment Option (ENERGYE)

    National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)
    Accounting Technology (ACCTEC AAS/DP)
    Applied Computer Technology (APLCMP AAS/AOS/AS)
    Applied Mechanical Technology (MECTEC AAS)
    Civil Technology AAS (CVTC-AAS)
    Computer Aided Drafting Technology (CADTEC AAS/AOS)
    Computer Integrated Machining Technology (CIMT AOS)
    Engineering Technology Pre-baccalaureate
    Laboratory Science Technology (LABSCI AAS/AOS)
    Science Pre-baccalaureate