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CSTEP coordinates an extensive library of used textbooks for student use. This library is searchable on this website and requests for use will be taken at the same time as the Textbook Fund.

All CSTEP students are eligible for funding to assist in the purchase of textbooks. Each semester (Fall and Spring) current CSTEP students will be invited to request funding for the purchase of a new or used textbook through the Barnes & Noble at RIT. All CSTEP funded books must be returned to the CSTEP office for inclusion in the CSTEP textbook library.

TB# Title Author (s) Edition ISBN-13
Title: Calculus with Application Author(s): Lial. Greenwall. Ritchey Edittion: 11th
Title: Robo Sapiens Evolution of a New Species
TB#: 1 Title: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications Author(s): Kenneth Rosen Edittion: 7th ed. ISBN-13: 9780073383095
TB#: 5 Title: Guide to Public Speaking Author(s): Lisa A. Ford-Brown ISBN-13: 9780205750115
TB#: 6 Title: Fundamentals of Engineering Thermodynamics Author(s): Michael J. Moran, Howard N. Shapiro, Daisie D. Boettner and Margaret B. Bailey Edittion: 7th ed. ISBN-13: 9780470495902
TB#: 7 Title: Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese Textbook Author(s): Anna Klobucka, Clémence de Jouët-Pastré, Patrícia Isabel Sobral and Maria Luci de Biaji Moreira Edittion: 1st ed. ISBN-13: 9780470495902
TB#: 8 Title: Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese Activities Manual Author(s): Anna Klobucka, Clémence de Jouët-Pastré, Patrícia Isabel Sobral and Maria Luci de Biaji Moreira ISBN-13: 9780131894051
TB#: 9 Title: Ponto de Encontro: Portuguese Dictionary Author(s): Oxford University Press ISBN-13: 9780131894082
TB#: 12 Title: Introduction to Electricity, Electronics & Electro Author(s): Robert Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky Edittion: RIT ed. ISBN-13: 9780536357465
TB#: 15 Title: Intro to Solid Modeling SolidWorks 2011 Author(s): William Howard and Joseph Musto ISBN-13: 9780073375458
TB#: 16 Title: Engineering Graphics Essentials Author(s): Kirstie Plantenberg Edittion: 4th ed. ISBN-13: 9781585036103
TB#: 17 Title: Succeeding in Business w/ MS Office Excel 2010 Author(s): Debra Gross, Frank Akaiwa and Karleen Nordquist ISBN-13: 9780538745802
TB#: 18 Title: International Business Author(s): John J. Wild, Kenneth L. Wild and Jerry C.Y. Han Edittion: 5th ed. ISBN-13: 9780137153756
TB#: 20 Title: College Physics Author(s): Randall D. Knight, Brian Jones and Stuart Field Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321595492
TB#: 21 Title: College Physics Workbook Author(s): Randall D. Knight, Brian Jones, Stuart Field and James H. Andrews Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321596338
TB#: 22 Title: Business with Coursemate Author(s): Marcella Kelly and Jim McGowen Edittion: Vol. 2 ISBN-13: 9781111221461
TB#: 24 Title: Memory Author(s): Alan Baddeley, Michael W. Eysenck and Michael C. Anderson Edittion: 5th ed. ISBN-13: 9781848720015
TB#: 25 Title: ASL at Work Student Text/ DVD Author(s): William Newell ISBN-13: 9781581210811
TB#: 26 Title: Applying Cultural Anthro: Intro Reader Author(s): Aaron Podolefsky, Peter Brown and Scott Lacy ISBN-13: 9780073405339
TB#: 27 Title: Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, Textboo Author(s): Kenneth Rosen Edittion: 7th ISBN-13: 9780073383095
TB#: 29 Title: Organizational Behavior Author(s): Steven McShane and Mary Von Glinow Edittion: 2nd Ed. ISBN-13: 9780073381220
TB#: 30 Title: Short Guide to Write about Biology Text Author(s): Jan A. Pechenik Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321668387
TB#: 32 Title: Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics Study Pack Author(s): Russell C. Hibbeler Edittion: 12th ed. ISBN-13: 9780136091950
TB#: 33 Title: Plaza Lugar De Encentros Edittion: 12th ed.
TB#: 34 Title: Spanish Dictionary
TB#: 35 Title: Chemistry Molecular Approach Author(s): Nivaldo J Tro ISBN-13: 9780558755119
TB#: 36 Title: Orbital Mechanics For Engineering Author(s): Howard Curtis Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780123747785
TB#: 37 Title: Essential Cognitive Psychology Edittion: 2nd ed.
TB#: 38 Title: Flash Pro CS5 Author(s): Katherine Ulrich ISBN-13: 9780321704467
TB#: 41 Title: Technical Communication Author(s): John M. Lannon and Laura J. Gurak Edittion: 12th ed. ISBN-13: 9780205779642
TB#: 43 Title: Women That Never Evolved Author(s): Sarah Blaffer Hrdy Edittion: 6th ed. ISBN-13: 9780674955394
TB#: 44 Title: Essential Feminist Reader Author(s): Estelle Freedman ISBN-13: 9780812974607
TB#: 45 Title: Machine Elements in Mechan. Design/ CD Author(s): Robert L. Mott ISBN-13: 9780130618856
TB#: 46 Title: Physlet Physics Author(s): Wolfgang Christian and Mario Belloni Edittion: 4th ed. ISBN-13: 9780131019690
TB#: 47 Title: College Physics A Strategic Approach Vol. 1/ Wkbk Author(s): Randall D. Knight, Brian Jones, Stuart Field and James H. Andrews Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321611147
TB#: 51 Title: Fundamentals of Engineering/ Exam Prep book. CD ISBN-13: 9780738603322
TB#: 54 Title: GRE Vocabulary Flashcards
TB#: 55 Title: Barron's GRE 500 Flash Cards
TB#: 56 Title: NCLEC- RN 300 Flashcards ISBN-13: 9781607148449
TB#: 57 Title: McGraw-Hills LSAT Logic Flashcards ISBN-13: 9780071768771
TB#: 59 Title: Exploring Philosophy Author(s): Steven M. Cahn Edittion: 4th ed. ISBN-13: 9780199797271
TB#: 62 Title: Python: Visual Quick Start Guide Author(s): Toby Donaldson Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321585448
TB#: 63 Title: Technical Calculus w/ Analytic Geometry Author(s): Allyn J. Washington Edittion: 4th ed. ISBN-13: 9780201711127
TB#: 64 Title: Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuit Author(s): Christopher Hoople @RIT Edittion: RIT ed. ISBN-13: 9781121084995
TB#: 65 Title: Modern Physics Author(s): Kenneth S. Krane Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9781118061145
TB#: 66 Title: Products Design and Development Author(s): Karl Ulrich and Steven Eppinger Edittion: 5th ed. ISBN-13: 9780073404776
TB#: 68 Title: Introductory Econometrics Author(s): Jeffrey M. Wooldridge Edittion: 4th ed. ISBN-13: 9780324581621
TB#: 69 Title: Basics of Research Methods Author(s): Michael G. Maxfield and Earl R. Babbie Edittion: 6th ed. ISBN-13: 9780495811695
TB#: 70 Title: Lewin's Essential Genes Author(s): Benjamin Lewin, Jocelyn E. Krebs, Elliott S. Goldstein and Stephen T. Kilpatrick Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780763759155
TB#: 72 Title: Understanding Global Slavery Author(s): Kevin Bales ISBN-13: 9780520245075
TB#: 73 Title: Trafficking in Slavery's Wake Author(s): Benjamin N. Lawrance, Richard L. Roberts, Kevin Bales and Jody Sarich ISBN-13: 9780821420027
TB#: 74 Title: Project Management, A Managerial Approach Author(s): Jack R. Meredith and Samuel J. Mantel Jr Edittion: 8th ed. ISBN-13: 9780470533024
TB#: 75 Title: Archaelogy Essentials Author(s): Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780500289129
TB#: 76 Title: Deportation Regime Author(s): Nicholas De Genova and Nathalie Peutz ISBN-13: 9780822345763
TB#: 77 Title: Principles of Air Quality Management Author(s): Roger D. Griffin Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780849370991
TB#: 78 Title: Intro Electricity, Electronics, & Electromagnetics Author(s): Robert Boylestad and Louis Nashelsky Edittion: RIT ed. ISBN-13: 9780536357465
TB#: 79 Title: Engineering Materials Properties and Selections Author(s): Kenneth G. Budinski and Michael K. Budinski Edittion: 9th ed. ISBN-13: 9780137128426
TB#: 80 Title: Business Commercialization Author(s): Gary Schneider Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9781133731481
TB#: 81 Title: Probability & Statistics for Engineering & the Sci Author(s): Jay L. Devore Edittion: 8th ed. ISBN-13: 9780530733526
TB#: 84 Title: Criminal Justice Organizations Author(s): Stan Stojkovic, David Kalinich and John Klofas Edittion: 5th ed. ISBN-13: 9781111346904
TB#: 85 Title: Technical Calculus w/Analytic Geometry Author(s): Allyn J. Washington Edittion: 4th ed. ISBN-13: 9780201711127
TB#: 86 Title: Math Appl. For the Mgmt., Life,& Social Sciences Author(s): Ronald J. Harshbarger and James J. Reynolds Edittion: 10th ed. ISBN-13: 9781133106234
TB#: 87 Title: Psychology: Themes & Variations Brief Ver w/ Chart Author(s): Wayne Weiten Edittion: 8th ed. ISBN-13: 9780495811336
TB#: 88 Title: Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism Author(s): Richard H. Robbins Edittion: 5th ed ISBN-13: 9780205801053
TB#: 89 Title: World Population Data Sheet 2012 Author(s): Ref. Material ISBN-13: 2818440077371
TB#: 92 Title: Biotechnology Author(s): Sean D. Sutton ISBN-13: 9781438426860
TB#: 93 Title: Moral Animal Author(s): Robert Wright ISBN-13: 9780679763994
TB#: 94 Title: Explaining Terrorism Author(s): Martha Crenshaw ISBN-13: 9780415780513
TB#: 95 Title: Fragile States Author(s): Lothar Brock, Hans-Henrik Holm, Georg Sorenson and Michael Stohl ISBN-13: 9780745649429
TB#: 97 Title: Wretched of the Earth Author(s): Frantz Fanon, Richard Philcox, Jean-Paul Sartre and Homi K. Bhabha ISBN-13: 9780802141323
TB#: 98 Title: Theory of the Partisan Author(s): Carl Schmitt and G. L. Ulmen ISBN-13: 9780914386339
TB#: 99 Title: Statistics Author(s): Michael Sullivan, III Edittion: Vol 2. ISBN-13: 9781256715924
TB#: 101 Title: Introduction to Flight Author(s): John Anderson Edittion: 7th ed. ISBN-13: 9780073380247
TB#: 102 Title: Personality to Inspire You Author(s): Roger Harnish Ph.D ISBN-13: 9781475124699
TB#: 104 Title: Engineering Economy Author(s): Leland Blank and Anthony Tarquin Edittion: 7th ed. ISBN-13: 9780073376301
TB#: 105 Title: Fund. Digital Logic w/ VHDL / CD Author(s): Stephen Brown and Zvonko Vranesic Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9780073529530
TB#: 106 Title: Essentials Genetics Author(s): Daniel L. Hartl Edittion: 6th ed. ISBN-13: 9781449686888
TB#: 107 Title: Introduction to Leadership: Concepts and Practices
TB#: 108 Title: How to Model It: Problem Solving for the Computer Author(s): A. M. Starfield, Karl A. Smith and A. L. Bleloch ISBN-13: 9780808779704
TB#: 109 Title: Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis Author(s): Douglas C. Montgomery, Elizabeth A. Peck and G. Geoffrey Vining Edittion: 5th ed. ISBN-13: 9780470542811
TB#: 110 Title: Fundamentals of Tool Design Author(s): Dr. John G. Nee and Editor Edittion: 6th ed. ISBN-13: 9780872638679
TB#: 111 Title: SDSF
TB#: 111 Title: Urban Economics Author(s): Arthur O'Sullivan Edittion: 8th ed. ISBN-13: 9780073511474
TB#: 112 Title: Consumer Behavior Author(s): Michael R. Solomon Edittion: 10th ed. ISBN-13: 9780132671842
TB#: 113 Title: Psychology 0514-210 Intro to Psychology Spg 2012 Author(s): Gail Rothman-Marshall Edittion: RIT ed. ISBN-13: 9781256261018
TB#: 115 Title: Macroeconomics Author(s): Michael Parkin Edittion: 9th ed. ISBN-13: 9780321592880
TB#: 118 Title: Chemistry : The Central Science Author(s): Brown, LeMay, Bursten and Murphy Edittion: 11th ed. ISBN-13: 9780558168230
TB#: 119 Title: Principles of Mathematical Analysis Author(s): Walter Rudin Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9780070542358
TB#: 120 Title: College Physics A Strategic Approach Author(s): Randall Knight; Brian Jones; Stuart Field Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321595492
TB#: 121 Title: Intermediate Accounting Author(s): Donald Kieso; Jerry Weygandt; Terry Warfield Edittion: 15th ed. ISBN-13: 9781118159644
TB#: 122 Title: Reporting Technical Information Author(s): Kenneth W. Houp, Thomas E. Pearsall, Elizabeth Tebeaux and Sam Dragga Edittion: 11th ed. ISBN-13: 9789195178791
TB#: 124 Title: Pathophysiology Author(s): Carol Mattson Porth and Glenn Matfin BSc Edittion: 8th ed. ISBN-13: 9780781766166
TB#: 125 Title: Integrated Chinese Textbook Simplified Characters Author(s): Yuehua Liu Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9780887276385
TB#: 126 Title: Calculus & Its Applications Author(s): Larry Goldstein; David Lay; David Schneider; Nakhle Asmar Edittion: RIT ed. ISBN-13: 9781269411783
TB#: 129 Title: General Biology 1 Lab Author(s): Ref. Material ISBN-13: 2818440084690
TB#: 130 Title: Engineering ISBN-13: 9781269241601
TB#: 131 Title: Family 13/14 Author(s): Patricia Williams Edittion: 39 ed. ISBN-13: 9780078135934
TB#: 132 Title: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Author(s): Amy Chua ISBN-13: 9781594202841
TB#: 133 Title: College Physics A Strategic Approach Author(s): Randall Knight; Brian Jones; Stuart Field Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321595492
TB#: 134 Title: Starting Out With Visual C# 2010 w/ CD Author(s): Tony Gaddis Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780132165457
TB#: 135 Title: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Author(s): Stephen R. Covey ISBN-13: 9780743269513
TB#: 136 Title: Automation, Production Systems, & Computer- Integr Author(s): Mikell P. Groover Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9780132393218
TB#: 137 Title: Introduction to Leadership Author(s): Peter G. Northouse Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9781412989527
TB#: 138 Title: 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership Author(s): John C. Maxwell and Steven R. Covey ISBN-13: 9780785288374
TB#: 140 Title: Persuation & Influence in American Life Author(s): Gary C. Woodward and Robert E. Denton Jr Edittion: 6th ed. ISBN-13: 9781577665717
TB#: 141 Title: Understanding Viruses Author(s): Teri Shors Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9781449648923
TB#: 142 Title: Genetics in Medicine Author(s): Robert Nussbaum MD, Roderick R. McInnes MD PhD FRS(C) and Huntington F Willard PhD Edittion: 7th ed. ISBN-13: 9781416030805
TB#: 143 Title: Fresh Fruit Broken Bodies Author(s): Seth Holmes and Philippe Bourgois ISBN-13: 9780520275140
TB#: 144 Title: Renewable and Efficient Electric Power Systems Author(s): Gilbert M. Masters Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9781118140628
TB#: 145 Title: Product Design: Techniques in Reverse Engineering Author(s): Kevin Otto and Kristin Wood ISBN-13: 9780130212719
TB#: 146 Title: Digital Electronics a Practical Approach w/ VHDL Author(s): William Kleitz Edittion: 9th ed. ISBN-13: 9780132563033
TB#: 147 Title: Materials Science: A Guided Inquiry Author(s): Pearson Custom Library Edittion: RIT ed. ISBN-13: 9781269241601
TB#: 150 Title: Fundamentals of Aerodymanics Author(s): John Anderson Edittion: 5th ed. ISBN-13: 9780073398105
TB#: 152 Title: Operations Management Processes & Supply Chains Author(s): Lee Krajewski; Larry Ritzman; Manoj Malhotra Edittion: 10th ed. ISBN-13: 9780132807395
TB#: 153 Title: Cosmic Perspective: Stars, Galaxies & Cosmology Author(s): Jeffrey Bennett; Megan Donahue; Nicholas Schneider; Mark Voit Edittion: 7th ed. ISBN-13: 9780321841070
TB#: 154 Title: Marketing 7E: Real People Real Choices Author(s): Michael Solomon; Greg Marshall; Elnora Stuart ISBN-13: 9780132176842
TB#: 156 Title: Cell and Molecular Biology Concepts & Experiments Author(s): Gerald Karp Edittion: 7th ed. ISBN-13: 9781118206737
TB#: 157 Title: Statistics w/ mymathlab/ mystatlab Author(s): Michael Sullivan III Edittion: Vol. 1, 4th ed. ISBN-13: 9781256715917
TB#: 158 Title: Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics Author(s): R. C. Hibbeler Edittion: 13th ed. ISBN-13: 9780132911276
TB#: 159 Title: Programming Controllogix Program Autom Controllers Author(s): Jon Stenerson ISBN-13: 9781435419476
TB#: 160 Title: Art of the Short Story Author(s): Dana Gioia; R. S. Gwynn ISBN-13: 9780321363633
TB#: 162 Title: Big Java: Early Objects Author(s): Cay Horstmann Edittion: 5th ed. ISBN-13: 9781118431115
TB#: 163 Title: Android Forensics: Investigation, Analysis & Mobil Author(s): Andrew Hoog ISBN-13: 9781597496513
TB#: 164 Title: Nutrition: Concepts and Controversies Author(s): Frances S. Sizer; Ellie Whitney Edittion: 13th ed. ISBN-13: 9781133603184
TB#: 167 Title: Introduction to Thermal & Fluids Engineering Author(s): Deborah A. Kaminski and Michael K. Jensen ISBN-13: 9781118103487
TB#: 169 Title: Classical Sociological Theory Author(s): Craig Calhoun, editor, et al Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9780470655672
TB#: 170 Title: College Algebra: An Early Functions Approach Author(s): Robert Blitzer Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321729644
TB#: 171 Title: College Algebra: Early Functions Appr. Stud Manual Author(s): Robert Blitzer; Daniel Miller Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321729682
TB#: 172 Title: Power Electronics Author(s): Daniel W. Hart ISBN-13: 9780073380674
TB#: 173 Title: PFIN : Student Edition ISBN-13: 9781285082578
TB#: 174 Title: C++ How to Program ISBN-13: 9780133378719
TB#: 175 Title: General Chemistry Atoms First/ Lab Manual Author(s): John McMurry; Robert Fay Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321809261
TB#: 176 Title: Precalculus: A Right Triangle Approach Author(s): J.S. Ratti; Marcus McWaters Edittion: 2nd ed. ISBN-13: 9780321644701
TB#: 177 Title: Communicating in Small Groups Principles & Practi Author(s): Steven A. Beebe; John T. Masterson Edittion: 10th ed. ISBN-13: 9780205770632
TB#: 179 Title: Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems Author(s): Theodore Wildi Edittion: 6th ed. ISBN-13: 9780131776913
TB#: 180 Title: Human Biology w/ Connect Plus
TB#: 181 Title: Goodness and Advice Author(s): Judith mJarvis Thomson ISBN-13: 9780691114736
TB#: 181 Title: Project Management Cases Digital
TB#: 182 Title: Past in Perspective An Intro. To Human Prehistory Author(s): Kenneth L. Feder Edittion: 6th ed. ISBN-13: 9780199950737
TB#: 182 Title: Families as they really are Author(s): Edited by Barbara J. Risman ISBN-13: 9780393932782
TB#: 183 Title: Chemistry w/ Mastering Chemistry/ Video
TB#: 188 Title: Dictonary of the Law Author(s): Daniel Oran Edittion: 3rd ed. ISBN-13: 9780766817423
TB#: 189 Title: Instructional Technology and Media for Learning Author(s): Sharon Smaldino Edittion: 8th ed. ISBN-13: 9780131136823
TB#: 190 Title: General Biology III Author(s): RIT Edittion: 2011-3 ISBN-13: 2818440003059
TB#: 191 Title: Criminal Procedure Author(s): Legal Reference Chart ISBN-13: 9781423203933
TB#: 193 Title: American Voices, American Lives Author(s): Wayne Franklin, ed. ISBN-13: 9780393970944
TB#: 194 Title: Anthropology of Latin America and the Caribbean Author(s): Harry Sanabria ISBN-13: 9780205380992
TB#: 195 Title: Financial & Managerial Accounting Author(s): Williams, Haka, Bettner, Carcello Edittion: 17th ed. ISBN-13: 9780078025778
TB#: 196 Title: Design and Analysis of Experiments Author(s): Douglas Montgomery Edittion: 8th Ed. ISBN-13: 9781118146927
TB#: 197 Title: Sensation & Perception Author(s): Jeremy Wolfe, Keith Kluender, Dennis Levi Edittion: 3rd Ed. ISBN-13: 9780878935727
TB#: 198 Title: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance Author(s): Stephen Ross, Randolph Westerfield, Bradford Jordan Edittion: 10th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780078034633
TB#: 199 Title: Development Through the Lifespan Author(s): Laura Berk Edittion: 6th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780205957606
TB#: 200 Title: Statics & Mechanics of Materials Author(s): R. C. Hibbeler Edittion: 4th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780133451603
TB#: 201 Title: Thinking Through Communication: Intro. Study Human Author(s): Sarah Trenholm Edittion: 7th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780205902354
TB#: 203 Title: Golosa: A Basic Course in Russian Bk1 / Activity Author(s): Richard Robin, Karen Evans-Romaine, Galina Shatalina Edittion: 5th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780205741359
TB#: 204 Title: Bravo! Author(s): Judith Muyskens, Linda Harlow, Michele Vialet, Jean-Francois Briere Edittion: 8th Ed. ISBN-13: 9781285433882
TB#: 205 Title: Circuits I Author(s): Christopher Hoople Edittion: RIT ISBN-13: 9781121054479
TB#: 206 Title: Mathematics with Applications Author(s): Margaret Lial, Thomas Hungerford, John Holcomb, Bernadette Mullins Edittion: 11th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780321931078
TB#: 207 Title: Principles of Pharmacology Author(s): David Golan, Armen Tashjian Jr., Ehrin Armstrong, April Armstrong Edittion: 3rd Ed. ISBN-13: 9781608312702
TB#: 208 Title: Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care Author(s): John F. Sarwark Edittion: 4th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780892035793
TB#: 209 Title: Basic Medical Endocrinology Author(s): H. Maurice Goodman Edittion: 4th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780123739759
TB#: 210 Title: Applied Fluid Mechanics Author(s): Robert Mott, Joseph Untener Edittion: 7th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780132558921
TB#: 211 Title: Microeconomics Author(s): Michael Parkin Edittion: 11th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780133019940
TB#: 212 Title: Concepts in Systems and Signals Author(s): John D. Sherrick Edittion: 2nd Ed. ISBN-13: 9780131782716
TB#: 213 Title: Electromechanical Systems and Devices Author(s): Sergey E. Lyshevski ISBN-13: 9781420069723
TB#: 215 Title: Essentials of Federal Taxation Author(s): Brian Spilker, Benjamin Ayers Edittion: 2015 Ed. ISBN-13: 9781259286582
TB#: 216 Title: Database Management Author(s): Philip Pratt, Joseph Adamski Edittion: 7th Ed. ISBN-13: 9781285906720
TB#: 217 Title: Integrated Chinese: Level 1 Part 2 Simplified Author(s): Yuehua Liu, Tao-chung Yao Edittion: 3rd Ed. ISBN-13: 9780887276705
TB#: 218 Title: Mass Media Revolution Author(s): J. Charles Sterin Edittion: 2nd Ed. ISBN-13: 9780205890996
TB#: 219 Title: Introduction to Synthetic Polymers Author(s): Ian M. Campbell Edittion: 2nd Ed. ISBN-13: 9780198564706
TB#: 221 Title: Public Speaking Strategies for Success Author(s): David Zarefsky Edittion: 7th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780205857265
TB#: 222 Title: Anthropology of Latin America & the Caribbean Author(s): Harry Sanabria ISBN-13: 9780205380992
TB#: 223 Title: Visual Anatomy & Physiology Author(s): Martini Edittion: 2nd RIT ISBN-13: 9781269899611
TB#: 224 Title: Systems Analysis & Design Methods Author(s): Jeffrey Whitten, Lonnie Bentley Edittion: 7th Ed. ISBN-13: 9780073052335
TB#: 225 Title: The Spirit of Sociology Author(s): Ron Matson Edittion: 3rd Ed. ISBN-13: 9780205762880
TB#: 226 Title: Think Like a Freak Author(s): Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner ISBN-13: 9780062218339
TB#: 227 Title: Immune System Author(s): Peter Parham Edittion: 3rd Ed. ISBN-13: 9780815341468
TB#: 228 Title: Bravo Author(s): Judith A. Muyskens Edittion: 8th ISBN-13: 9781285433882
TB#: 230 Title: Aspects of Chemical Reactions and Chemistry of Mat Author(s): Massoud J. Miri Edittion: 5th ISBN-13: 9780558441456
TB#: 232 Title: Narrating the Storm Author(s): Danielle A. Hidalgo ISBN-13: 9781443832007
TB#: 233 Title: Quality and Performance Excellence Author(s): James R. Evans ISBN-13: 9781133955931
TB#: 234 Title: Signals & Systems Author(s): Alan Oppenheim ISBN-13: 9780138147570
TB#: 235 Title: Emgineering Mechanics Statics Author(s): R.C. Hibbeler Edittion: 13th ISBN-13: 9780132915540
TB#: 237 Title: Microelectronic Circuits Author(s): Sedra/Smith Edittion: 6th ISBN-13: 9780195323030
TB#: 238 Title: Supp. Problems to Microelectronic Circuits Author(s): Sedra/Smith Edittion: 6th ISBN-13: 9780199928804
TB#: 241 Title: Punished: Policing the Lives of Black and Latino.. Author(s): Victor M. Rios ISBN-13: 9780814776384
TB#: 243 Title: University Physics wih Modern Physics Author(s): Young and Freedman Edittion: 13th ISBN-13: 9780321696861
TB#: 244 Title: Fund. Of Thermal-Fluid Science Author(s): Yunus A. Cengel; John M. Cimbala; Robert H. Turner Edittion: 4th ISBN-13: 9780077422400
TB#: 245 Title: Linear Systems and Signals Author(s): B.P. Lathi Edittion: 2nd ISBN-13: 9780195158335
TB#: 246 Title: Small Business An Entrepreneur's Business Plan Author(s): Hiduke; Ryan ISBN-13: 9781285169958
TB#: 248 Title: The Dynamics of Mass Communications Author(s): Dominick Edittion: 12 ISBN-13: 9780073526195
TB#: 249 Title: Psychology of Gender Author(s): Helgeson Edittion: 4 ISBN-13: 9780205050185
TB#: 250 Title: Financial Accounting information for Decisions Author(s): John J. Wild Edittion: 7 ISBN-13: 9780078025891
TB#: 251 Title: Linguistics for Everyone an Introduction Author(s): Kristin Denham, Anne Lobeck Edittion: 2nd ISBN-13: 9781111344382
TB#: 252 Title: Positive Psychology Author(s): Steve R. Baumgardner, Crothers ISBN-13: 9780131744417
TB#: 253 Title: Fiber Optic Communications Author(s): Downing ISBN-13: 9781401866358
TB#: 254 Title: Leadership Theory and Practice Author(s): Northouse Edittion: 7th ISBN-13: 9781483317533
TB#: 255 Title: Introduction to the Theory of Computation Author(s): Michael Sipser Edittion: 3rd ISBN-13: 9781133187790
TB#: 259 Title: Introductory Circuit Analysis Author(s): Boylestad Edittion: 12 ISBN-13: 9780137146666
TB#: 261 Title: Operations Management Author(s): Stevenson Edittion: 12 ISBN-13: 9780078024108
TB#: 262 Title: Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds Author(s): Silverstein, Webster, Kiemle, Bryce Edittion: 8th ISBN-13: 9780470616376
TB#: 263 Title: Probability, Random Variables and Stochasticc Proc Author(s): Athanasios Papoulis , S. Unnikrishna Pillai Edittion: 4th ISBN-13: 9780073660110
TB#: 264 Title: Computer Science Author(s): Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel Edittion: 7 ISBN-13: 9781269664752
TB#: 265 Title: Computer Networks and Internets Author(s): Douglas E. Comer Edittion: 6th ISBN-13: 9780133587937
TB#: 266 Title: Punto Y Aparte Author(s): Sharon Foerster, Anne Lambright Edittion: 5 ISBN-13: 9780078037054
TB#: 267 Title: Statics Mechanics of Materials Author(s): R.C Hibbeler Edittion: 4th ISBN-13: 9780133451603
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