McNair Scholars Program

Faculty Mentors & Advisors

Faculty Mentors

McNair Scholars credit their Faculty Mentors (rightly) as vital to their success in the research internship and to their overall progress towards graduate study. Faculty Mentors assist scholars in developing professional work habits, research skills, and relationships conducive to future doctoral pursuits. The Faculty Mentors’ collaboration with the McNair Staff contributes to the effective operation of the overall program.

Faculty Mentors receive a number of additional benefits as well, including:
  • the pleasure of passing on your knowledge and skills;
  • the reward of seeing a student’s growth under your guidance;
  • the excitement of joint discoveries;
  • valuable assistance on research projects;
  • increased opportunities for funding for grants/programs requiring an undergraduate research component;
  • partnering with McNair Scholars Program as a resource for undergraduate research.

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Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to working with you in the near future!

Faculty Undergraduate Research Advising Committee (FURAC)

  • Become an active member and collaborator in the RIT McNair Scholars community
  • Assist with the development and overall infrastructure of the RIT McNair program
  • Serve as our “go to” group when advice and/or guidance is needed in certain areas of expertise, as potential ambassadors within respective colleges
  • Serve as McNair Ambassadors within home colleges
  • Assist in the continued development of the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience
  • Serve as internal evaluators to provide recommendations for program improvement
  • Serve as the selection committee for potential McNair Scholar applicants
  • Provide ideas, suggestions and resources to help develop and implement academic, scholarly, and cultural programming for academic year and summer program
  • Assist in guiding and developing the graduate school preparation component of the McNair Scholars Program
Current FURAC Members
Member Department College/Division Position
Clayton, Laurie, Ed.D Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Academic Affairs Senior Assessment Associate
Condry, Kirsten, Ph.D Psychology Program COLA Assistant Professor
Esterman, Marcos, Ph.D Industrial and Systems Engineering KGCOE Associate Professor
McDonald, Kevin, Ed.D Office of Diversity and Inclusion Office of the President  Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity & Inclusion
Howard, M. Ann, JD Dean's Office COLA Senior Associate Dean
Lynch, Bernadette D., Ms. TRiO Student Support Services Student Affairs Director
Mahrt-Washington, Catherine, Ms. Dean's Office COS Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Mayberry, Katherine, Ph.D Special Projects Office of the President Vice President for Special Projects
Osgood, Robert, Ph.D Biological and Medical Sciences CHST Assistant Professor
Bennett, Sean  Deans Office  CAST  Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs 
Perry, Elizabeth, Ph.D Biological Sciences CHST

Director, Biomedical Sciences

Cummings, Twyla J., Ph.D Deans Office  CIAS  Senior Associate Dean
Flores, Hector, Ph.D  Deans Office  Graduate Studies  Dean