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Freshmen Admissions Process & Required Documentation

At this time, RIT's New York State Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) recruits eligible New York State high school graduates for application to its program. Please review the eligibility information on the Eligibility page before beginning the application process. Eligible applicants should follow the process outlined here.

Important! Follow deadlines for submission. Late application materials, including completion of the FAFSA, will result in applicants being excluded from the pool for the upcoming academic year.

STEP 1: Complete all RIT application materials and submit to RIT Office of Admissions by February 1.

Complete the Common Application or the RIT Application for Undergraduate Admissions by February 1. Be sure to complete the RIT Supplemental Form and check the box that indicates you are applying for admission through HEOP. Write "HEOP - Waive Fee" across the top of your application. This allows you not to pay the application fee. Your application should include the Secondary School Transcript Request, including counselor recommendation and high school transcript as well as your Personal Statement.

STEP 2: Complete all HEOP application materials and submit directly to the HEOP Office within two weeks of receiving the application materials.

Once you complete the RIT Application and check the box that indicates you are applying for admission through HEOP, you will receive the HEOP application materials electronically, as well as by U.S. mail. If you do not receive your application information, please call (585) 475-2506 or email The HEOP Application includes a request for your high school transcript, a counselor recommendation for HEOP, an application essay, and the financial worksheet. You will also have to provide supporting financial documentation as listed on the financial worksheet if you are accepted and commit to attending RIT.

STEP 3: Complete your FAFSA and include the RIT School Code 002806 by January 15.

It’s important that all HEOP applicants complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15. The information on the FAFSA must be accurate and true. Please include the RIT school code 002806 and the applicant’s social security number.

STEP 4: Complete a personal interview.

All eligible freshman applicants who submit their application materials on time will be scheduled for a personal interview with HEOP representatives. Interviews for upstate applicants will be held in Rochester, NY, starting the third week of February. Interviews for downstate applicants will be held in New York City the last week of February/first week of March. After completing the interview, those students selected for entry through HEOP will be notified officially by Admissions by mid-March.

STEP 5: Return your commitment letter to RIT by May 1.

Accepted HEOP students do NOT need to pay a deposit. However, they MUST return their commitment letter indicating their decision to attend or not attend RIT by May 1. After May 1, applicants on the admissions waitlist will be contacted.

STEP 6: Submit financial documentation to the HEOP office by May 15.

Below is a list of the types of documentation needed for both taxable and non-taxable income sources:

Source of Income Amount If accepted into HEOP, the following documentation will be required
Adjusted gross income from wages $ Copy of all 2016 W-2 forms for both parent(s) and student Copy of the signed IRS Tax Return for both you, if you filed taxes, and your parent(s).
SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps)  $ Copy of the 2016 Social Services report. This report can be obtained online at
Social Security Benefits (i.e. survivor, disability, and/or retirement benefits) $ Copy of the 2016 Social Security benefits statement. Statement can be obtained online at
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) $ Copy of the 2016 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits statement. Statement can be obtained online at
Unemployment benefits $ Copy of the 2016 statement of unemployment benefits
Pension and/or annuity $ Copy of the 2016 statements of pension and/or annuity 
Veterans Non-Educational benefits $ Copy of the 2016 Veterans Non-Educational benefits statement
Child Support benefits  $ Notarized statement of child support and/or alimony
Foster Care benefits  $ Notarized statement of foster care placement. Statement must confirm foster care status and specify the total amount of income received in 2016 through social services or other agencies/programs.
Other financial income not reported on IRS forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ or 1099 $ End of year statement 
Total Income Received in 2016 $  


STEP 7: Complete the Financial Aid Verification Form and submit a tax transcript to the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships by May 15.

Accepted students who intend to enter RIT will receive a letter from RIT’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships with the Verification Form and instructions for submitting the required tax transcript. Go to This is in addition to the documentation that needs to be provided to the HEOP office identified in Step 6.

The HEOP office provides ongoing guidance and communication to assist accepted students in submitting documentation. Please direct any questions regarding HEOP documentation to Kris Shamp at (585) 475-2506 or by email at

STEP 8: Successfully complete the Pre-Freshman Summer Program*

All incoming freshmen attend the summer pre-freshmen program. Please see the Summer Program page on the Services and Support tab for a full description of the summer program. Students live on campus while taking college credit courses and non-credit course(s). The credit courses can be applied to students’ degree requirements. Weekend cultural and social activities are sponsored by RIT. HEOP counselors meet regularly with each student. Peer and professional tutors and the use of computer labs also help students with the completion of classroom assignments. Summer tuition, room, board, and other costs are at no charge to the student.

*Students are highly encouraged to earn grades of B or better in the summer program. Students who earn grades of C or higher will be eligible to enter RIT as a full-time HEOP student the following fall semester. Students performing below these minimum standards will be subject to further review.