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Since 1969, RIT's New York State Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) has graduated over 350 students. In the years that follow graduation graduates often come back to share their individual achievements with current students. Some alumni serve as guest speakers, mentors and cooperative education contacts. In recent years, alumni blocked budget cuts and elimination of the HEOP program through political lobbying efforts. Thanks to alumni who got involved, HEOP at RIT remains an active support system to its students.

We envision a future of more victories ahead beginning with a newly created HEOP Alumni Network, This is a group of graduates interested in receiving updates on the program, becoming role models for current students, and sharing success stories with legislators to encourage continued funding for HEOP. In addition, RIT-HEOP will provide resources to alumni through an e-mail distribution list.

If you are a HEOP graduate of RIT, or you attended RIT through the HEOP program, you are able to "activate" your membership by completing the form below. We will contact you soon about upcoming events.

Membership Form

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Include me on the HEOP Network's e-mail distribution list.
Contact me about being a guest speaker and/or panel participant for an HEOP Workshop.
Contact me to discuss possible co-op opportunities at my employer for current HEOP students.
Would you like to meet other RIT-HEOP people in your area?
Other HEOP alumni or current undergraduate students may contact me.
Have you stayed in contact with any other RIT-HEOP students?
If yes, can you share their contact information?

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