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Just a few testimonials from Expressions of Kings Legacy 2012:

"I filled out the survey, but I didn't find a place to express how profoundly moved I was by the whole program… and how incredibly grateful I am that the Office for Diversity and Inclusion brought Cornel West here. I brought my 17-year-old daughter and am SO glad I did! We both thoroughly enjoyed Josh Bennet and found Dr. West to be even more profound and inspiring than we imagined. His words about what's important in life were perfect for my daughter to hear as she contemplates her life's direction at the close of her high school career. Outstanding event."


"Thank you so much for allowing East High School to attend the program on Monday. Being in the presence of Dr. Cornel West was a life time opportunity. Also we offer American Sign Language as a foriegn language credit and seeing the interpreters and the connection Joshua Bennett has to the Deaf Community allowed for real life experience for our students."



"Please convey this to Kevin and others involved with the program yesterday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. In all of the years that I have been attending the yearly celebrations on campus, yesterday's program was by far the best I have ever attended. The dance by Garth Fagin's troupe was delightful, spirited, and enriching. Joshua Bennett was superb and I marveled at how well and how passionately he recited his poems. And the final speaker was even more unbelievable. He had a message, but he had a way of delivering his message that both informed and inspired. I go to such sessions to learn and to find things to think about. I came away with so much."



"Thank you for this wonderful experience, each artist/speaker/performer had a powerful message to share. "



"I was blown away with the performances at the
event. I had really high expectations for Cornel West (which were surpassed by the
way), and knew that I would love Garth Fagan, but I hadn't hear of Joshua Bennett,
who almost stole the show! Professor West's performance was the best I have seen
in years and touched me in ways I didn't expect. I brought 2 of my young sons with
me (14 and 12) because I thought it was important for them to understand these
issues from a different perspective. My 14-year-old, who typically isn't into anything
too intellectual or too cultural, talked about it the whole way home. I just personally
want to say thank you. Just amazing. "


" I will let you know that was one of the BEST commemorations of Martin Luther King
I have ever attended and I am no spring chick! Joshua Bennett and Garth's dance
ensemble together with Cornel West was an amazing lineup of talent and
intellect......and a moving tribute to a wonderful human being.

Thank you for bringing such quality programs to Rochester! Bravo!"