The Inclusive Excellence Framework

Multicultural Organizational Development

The model for Inclusive Excellence is closely aligned with multicultural organizational development literature. Having evolved through three stages of organizational development, the inclusive organization fully embraces diversity and is characterized by an organizational culture that employs diversity and inclusive practices at all levels. This model of organizational development is one way to evaluate and make note of institutional growth and progress. The four stages outlined in the Inclusive Excellence model are: 1) the mono-cultural organization, where diversity is not valued, and compositional diversity is non-existent; 2) the compliant organization, where diversity efforts are motivated by staying out of legal trouble; 3) the multicultural organization, where many diversity activities and celebrations occur, there are visibly committed leaders, and bias is not tolerated, yet the comprehensive effort to weave diversity into the institutional fabric has not yet been fully achieved; 4) the inclusive organization where differences are recognized, valued, celebrated and utilized, there is an emphasis on inclusive practices at all levels of institutional functioning, and all members of the organization are accountable for diversity and inclusion success. RIT will use this framework as a backdrop against which to reflect on its progress in institutional and educational climate and practices.