RIT Students

Welcome Back!

Soon you will see a brand new website at this address. We are very excited and working very hard behind the scenes to bring you a new and improved Diversity @ RIT site. The new site will feature news and updates about our diverse campus events, programs, and other activities. We are looking forward to bringing you the kind of inclusive, multicultural, stories and information that make the RIT campus community so rich. Thank you!

Our Diverse Community at RIT

Throughout your life, youíll interact with people from different cultures and from every continent. Your success will depend on your experience with and understanding of cross-cultural issues, here and abroad.

At RIT youíll live and study with over 1,400 international students from 100 countries. In addition, more than 2,000 students of color have elected to study at RIT, embodying our commitment to diversity. Adding a social and educational dynamic not found at any other university are more than 1,200 deaf and hard-of-hearing students supported by RITís National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

The variety of backgrounds and perspectives represented in the RIT community enriches the learning experience for all. As you interact on team-based projects, in residences halls, and in day-to-day activities, we believe you will be enriched and better prepared for the opportunities and challenges of global interdependence.