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Services & Resources

All services are provided to members FREE of charge. Individualized plans of support will be developed with your suport specialist and will address all required areas of service.

  • Academic support services
  • Peer tutoring
  • Study groups
  • Study skills and learning assessments
  • One-on-one assistance in all the aspects of navigating college life
  • Career / co-op advising
  • Financial literacy education
  • FAFSA assistance and financial aid education
  • Peer mentoring
  • Cultural enrichment

For a detailed look at the tutoring schedule please click here

Professional Math Support

  • Individualized math support and assessment
  • Math assessment and mentoring
  • How to recieve math support:
    • Stop in or schedule an appointment with the math instructor to discuss your math plan
    • Contact Liz Bremer at 585-475-5650 or

Study Groups and Tutoring

1. Tutoring Hours: Peer tutors will be offered for courses in math, science, computer science, and engineering. Tutors have taken the course at RIT and proven competency in the subject area. Tutoring is offered in Clark A on Sundays 3-7 pm, Tuesdays 5-7 pm and Wednesdays 5-7pm.

2. Study Groups: Students can be requested to be assigned to small study groups that meet weekly to review important or difficult topics covered in class that week.

Tutors may be requested to work with study groups up to 3 times per semester during their scheduled meeting time. Only study groups who are meeting on a regular basis are eligible to request a tutor. Tutors are available for TRiO SSS students only (no other friends).

Who's In Your Group?

  • 3-5 students per group, all taking the same course
  • Group meets once a week (same day/time) for the entire semester
  • Groups will be determined based on course schedules and given an assigned time to meet.
  • The first meeting will be at the TRiO office to sign the agreement form.
  • The group is expected to be meeting at the assigned time unless there is another time that is mutually agreed upon by all members of the group.

How Study Groups Are Formed?

  • Fill out a study group request form with your support specialist or you can speed this process up by requesting via the TRiO SSS Study Group community on MyCourses
  • When at least two requests for a class with matching availability are received, a new group is formed. You are notified by email from Liz when you have been matched with a study group

What do I have to do?

  • Come to every group study session on time (think of this like a class obligation)
  • Attend class, take notes, and do your homework outside of your study session time--small group study groups are supplemental academic support, not a substitute for doing your own work
  • Bring your book, notes, graded work and tools to the study sessions
  • Bring your questions!

How to request a Study Group Tutor?
Study groups who are meeting on a regular basis are eligible to request a tutor by filling out a Study Group Tutor request form with your support specialist or via the TRiO SSS Study Group community on MyCourses. You will be notified by email from Rachel when you have been matched with a tutor.


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