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TRiO SSS tutoring is offered to TRiO SSS members as follows:

Peer Tutors: Each TRiO SSS member is eligible for two hours of tutoring per week. Peer tutoring is free of charge for TRiO SSS members. Please contact your support specialist for information on available tutoring.

Drop-In tutors: Drop-In tutoring for TRiO SSS members will be every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday beginning on February 1st.

  • SATURDAY, 1:00 - 5:00, Monroe Hall 2020
    Dan Stahl, CVET Major (Physics (college/university), Calculus (any), Chemistry, Engineering Tech Classes (Strength of Materials, Statics, Dynamics, etc), Civil Engineering Classes (Surveying, Foundations, Soils, Autocad etc) Specialty Math classes (Discrete, Engineering Math, Differential Equations, Boundary Value Problems, Mathematical Statistics).
  • SUNDAY, 2:00 - 6:00, Monroe Hall 2020
    Greg Davis, ME Major (Physics (Univ I, II, Modern & College), Project Based Calculus I,II and III, Differential Equations, Mechanics, Engineering Math, Matrices & BVP, EE classes)
  • WEDNESDAY, 5:00 - 7:00, Monroe Hall 2030
    Mark Porzi, Networking & System Admin Major (Intro to Programming (C++), Programming with Classes (C++), Cyber Self-Defense, Scripting in Perl, Intro to Database & Data Modeling, Data Analysis I, Discrete Math for Tech I, II, Microeconomics, Beginning Spanish I, II)

Tutor Assignments: Peer tutors are assigned to students by email from the Coordinator of Tutoring. Students and tutors are supplied with contact information and are instructed to meet at the TRiO SSS office, Campus Center 2720, to sign a tutoring agreement and schedule a tutoring time.

Getting the most out of your tutoring experience

  • Get started promptly.
  • Meet with the Coordinator of Tutoring or your Support Specialist if you are encountering any problems with your tutor (i.e. you haven.t heard from your tutor, your schedules don.t match up, etc.)
  • Use other resources to be actively engaged with the course material (i.e. sample textbook problems, professor's office hours, notes, and classmates).
  • Ask tutors questions; get confirmation; and get explanations.
  • Use tutors to help review material.
  • Use tutors to help organize or prioritize your learning.
  • Have your tutor listen to your summaries or verbal explanations of the material.
  • Have a regular meeting time and place.

Just for Tutors

How to apply to be a tutor:

  • Pick up an application in the TRiO SSS office, Campus Center 2720.
  • Prospective tutors must satisfy the following requirements:
    • Currently be enrolled as an undergraduate RIT student.
    • Earned a grade of A in the course(s) you wish to tutor.
    • Completed the course(s) at RIT.
    • Maintain a minimum of 3.0 overall GPA.

Tutor Training

All TRiO SSS tutors are required to participate in tutor training conducted by the Academic Support Center (

Tutors are paid for attending the workshops and must have it approved in advance by Rachel Flaherty. In addition tutors may attend electives to improve their skills. It is not necessary to complete all the tutor training requirements before the tutor begins working with students.

Tutor Resources

Other Resources

For a complete list of other tutoring services at RIT: