RIT Dubai faculty at the EWGCC-2016 Conference

Faculty members of RIT Dubai, Prof. Ghalib Kahwaji, Prof. Abdullah Ismail and Tarek Sobh participated as a guest speakers in the Electricity and Water in the Gulf Countries Cooperation. EWGCC-2016 was organized by the American University of Ras Al Khaima and The Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Germany. Two papers were presented by the RIT Dubai team:

  1. “Life Cycle Energy, Environmental Impact, and Cost Analysis of Eight Conventional
    / Hybrid Cooling Systems in UAE” by Ghalib Kahwaji and Tarek Sobh
  2. “UAE: Current Status and Future Prospects of Clean and Renewable Energy”, by Abdullah Ismail.

The team had many fruitful discussions with scholars from different universities and Prof. Ismail chaired the second presentation session.