American University Dubai

Advantages & Student Testimonials

  • Earn a U.S. degree awarded by RIT in NY, USA that is also internationally recognized and UAE accredited
  • Study with world-class faculty in a student-centered learning environment
  • Benefit from the resources and advantages of a top-ranked U.S. university
  • Take the opportunity to study at the RIT campus in Rochester, New York, USA as per major availability
  • Learn about the newest technology and advancements in engineering, computing, and business
  • Gain valuable experience through cooperative education and research projects
  • Benefit from our extensive cooperative education (co-op) program and gain valuable work experience before graduation
  • Make regional and international career connections through our careers and alumni office
  • Study in the heart of Dubai Silicon Oasis, a revolutionary technology park and one of the world’s leading centers of advanced technology innovation and design
  • Live with other students in nearby campus housing, with transportation provided. 

Student Testimonials 




 "Dubai is a true melting pot of cultures, ideas and people. Students and faculty at RIT Dubai come together from all different backgrounds, but despite their differences they form a strong diverse community. The global expansion of our    campus and the progressive mindset of our university makes me proud to be an RIT Tiger."







 Andy Gregory Thistle

   "The student teacher ratio is even better than in New York, and the staff is younger and easier to identify with.  It feels more like a family  here, everyone is very approachable and fun."





 Asad Ali Hussaini

   ”RIT is a trend setter for higher education in Dubai”




 Stanely Fofano

   “RIT Dubai's study abroad program was an amazing cultural experience and a great way to improve one’s view of the world around us.”




 Salah Rahmo

   “Joining RIT Dubai has been really interesting! RIT gave me the chance to stay with my family and study at a top notch university.  RIT  Dubai gave me the best of both worlds!”




 Mohammad Amin Enteshariun

   “I chose to study at RIT Dubai because from the start it made me feel like I was improving, day by day, I feel like this is a new day and now I   know things which I was not aware of before.  This means I am becoming stronger everyday at  RIT Dubai”



 Ariel Gurgel

    “I joined RIT Dubai because I want to be successful in my future, and that’s what RIT provides”




 Afshan Zaher

   “I chose RIT because of the high caliber education. RIT provides me with a co-op that is necessary for any job requirement anywhere in the   world. And most importantly, I belong to a university that is so filled with diversity!”





 Doaa Al-Jubr

   “Here at RIT, the degree comes directly from New York! You don’t even have to go there to get one of the best engineering degrees offered  in the world!”




 Ahmed Al Muhairi

   “RIT Dubai helps me shape a successful future for me and for the rest of my colleagues, Thank you RIT!”



 Dylan Connole

   "Dubai is a great blend of cultures from the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe.  Studying at RIT Dubai was a great chance to see   different cultures, explore the desert, and continue the academic excellence of RIT."