Dr. Ghalib Kahwaji, Department Chair 



The master of engineering in mechanical engineering is a 30 credit hour degree program. It is intended to be a terminal degree program designed for those who wish to become a leader within the mechanical engineering field.

This degree is particularly well-suited for students who wish to study part-time, for those interested in updating their technical skills, or for those not focused on a research-oriented Master of Science thesis. A conventional thesis is not required for the program. In its place, students complete a capstone experience, which may be a design project leadership course, a well-organized and carefully chosen industrial internship, or a project with paper option. A research methods course may also fulfill the capstone experience.

Three focus areas, specializations, are o­ffered at RIT Dubai: Sustainability, Thermo/Fluids Engineering and Mechanics and Design. Part time working students have the option of attending evening classes.

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Because of their comprehensive training and education, mechanical engineers are often called upon to assume management positions. They work in many different industries and businesses as product developers, researchers, prototype designers, automotive engineers, aerospace engineers, management consultants, among many others and many serve in senior leadership positions in their fields.


*Additional Sustainability course options may be available.






"RIT allows me to graduate with an American degree which is really important to me. I’m fortunate to study in an international environment which enables me to be innovative and creative in my field."
Majid Shaath


Effective fall 2013, RIT will move from the current quarter system to a semester-based academic calendar. These materials and resources are designed to ensure that students who are on track will graduate on time. Students are encouraged to talk to their academic advisers if they have any concerns or questions regarding their courses and progress.
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