ICT Fund

RIT Dubai Signs A Full Scholarship To Emiratis With ICT Fund

The ICT fund scholarships offers a great chance for Emiratis to pursue their Undergraduate and Graduate studies in Information and communications technology disciplines. In order for students to qualify, you must choose from one of the below programs:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in Networking & Systems Administration
  • Bachelor’s in Information Security & Forensics

The scholarship offers full coverage of tuition, books, transportation, housing, and a monthly salary.  Contact office of admissions to see if you qualify and what admissions requirements are needed at dubai@rit.edu or +971 4 371 2000.

“ICT grants RIT Dubai 10 scholarships for Emirati students, with a total amount of AED 8,100,000. This amount covers the expenses for 7 bachelor degrees and 3 Master degrees in academic programs related to ICT”

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