Student Referral Program

Spread the Word. Refer a Student! We’ve got awesome prizes for you!

As part of the RIT Dubai innovation strategy, we are excited to introduce to you the Student Referral Program. 

Alumni and our current students are our highest source of referrals. You have demonstrated the tradition of caring for RIT Dubai and we hope you will refer others to carry on the tradition. Help continue the RIT Dubai legacy by sharing your story with a co-worker, family member, or friend who might be interested in one of our programs!


Refer a student through the RIT Dubai Student Referral Program!

Your referral will allow us to introduce new students to leadership, stimulating and rewarding course work, international faculty, meaningful relationships, and a world of new opportunities.

How does the program work:

  • You provide us with the name and contact information of someone you know would be interested in our program

  • We will contact the potential student and answer any questions they might have regarding our program

  • If the person qualifies for admission and enrolls into one of our programs and registers for classes you will become eligible for prizes

(see Terms and Conditions for details) 
Prizes are as follows:

Number of enrolle referred students 



5% discount off a single year tuition (can be combined with your current scholarship) Or IPad/Laptop of up to AED 2,000 in value


10% discount off a single year tuition (can be combined with your current scholarship) Or IPad/Laptop of up to AED 4,000 in value


3 days Round trip to one of RIT’s Global campus locations including Airfare and Accommodation or 12,000 AED in value



* Students may receive cash in lieu of the award depending on their progression into the curriculum.

The referral award is applicable to one academic year, the year in which the referred student joins RIT-Dubai.

We hope you will continue to submit names and contact information of qualified prospective students as you have done in the past. This information will be recorded, and if a referred person enrolls as a student, you will be rewarded under the Terms and Conditions of the program.

Additionally, if you would like to assist with the Recruitment and Enrollment office by representing RIT Dubai at local college fairs or other recruitment events, please contact us at: or +971 4 371 2000


if you want to refer a student, please use this form