Transfer Orientation

The Transfer New Student Orientation schedule for 2014 will be available over the summer, meanwhile click here for last year’s orientation to see what you would be expecting. If you are a transfer student, you are part of a unique and diverse group and we are thrilled that you have chosen to continue your educational journey at RIT Dubai. Transfer Orientation is optional, however, it is in your best interest to get involved and learn all you can about RIT Dubai’s resources and services and make connections with other students. Not to mention, the Orientation Fee is mandatory whether you attend Orientation or not.

Start Smart Checklist

  • Campus offices are generally open to serve you Thursday from 8:30am-6:00pm.
  • Pay your Admissions Deposit
    To reserve your place at RIT Dubai, a non-refundable Acceptance of Admission Deposit is due from accepted applicants. As a convenience to applicants, the Admissions Office provides an option to pay this fee with a credit card in person or by check or cash in person or you can send a family or friend to RIT Dubai campus.
  • Activate your RIT Computer Account
    If you have created an account as part of the RIT Dubai admissions process, this same account becomes your student account upon payment of you accept/tuition deposit.  No additional action is required to activate your account. If you did not create an account as a part of the admissions process, you will receive an account activation email from RIT Dubai when you pay your accept/tuition deposit. The account activation email will go to the email address supplied on your admissions application. If you have not received the account activation email but you HAVE paid your deposit, please contact the admissions department at  for further help.
  • Submit your Housing Contract
    To complete your housing application you must submit your housing form online to and we will make sure to pair you with the right roommate if you requested one.
  • Submit your Health History Forms
    UAE law mandates that all college students living on campus or getting a visa through RIT Dubai that you apply for medical insurance through RIT Dubai. You can contact our Student Services department directly at .
  • Take the online Math Placement Exam (MPE) and Physics Placement Exam (PPE)
    You will be notified via email if you are required to take the MPE or and PPE – not all students are required to take both exams, if you are an Engineering or Computer major then you will need to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) AND Physics Placement Exam (PPE) but if you are a Business major then you will need to only take the Math Placement Exam (MPE). You may be exempt from both exams depending on the transfer credit review, please see your academic advisor for more information during Orientation.
  • Submit your high school transcripts and AP scores
    Contact the College Board at to request your AP scores. Send all documents to RIT Dubai, Admissions Department, PO Box 341055 Dubai, UAE
  • Get your RIT University ID Card
    All students are required to have an RIT Dubai University ID (UID) Card. Your UID Card provides you access to your residence hall room, labs, libraries, meals, campus events, and more. You can get your card at the Office of the Student Services during Orientation on the first floor at RIT Dubai.
  • Contact your college/department
    Learn more about your academic program and course requirements.
  • Pack smart
    On the Housing Operations website you’ll find comprehensive lists of what to bring (and what NOT to bring) when you move in to the Etisalat Academy, Also be sure to pack required forms of identification. You will be required to provide a photo ID to obtain a bank account, University ID Card and Emirates Identification Card. Come prepared.
  • Get ready to join one of the country’s most prestigious universities!

Transfer Check-in

Transfer Orientation Check-in

If you are unable to check in on August 27, you may check in on Thursday, August 28 from 8:00am until 6:00pm at the Admissions department on the first floor.

Commuter Students

Commuter students may check in for Orientation on either freshman move-in day or the day after. We encourage you and your family to check in on Wednesday, August 27.

Transfer Move-in Day

Transfer students living in the residence halls will move in on Tuesday, August 26 (unless you are participating in a pre-orientation program). If you are unable to move in on the 26th, you may also move in on the day after freshman move-in day, which is Wednesday, August 27 through the day before classes between 8:00am and 6:00pm. You are NOT permitted to move in on freshman move-in day as this is for freshmen only. If you arrive between 5:00pm and 11:00pm on any of these days, please go to the 24 Hour Etisalat Academy housing for assistance. If you arrive after 11:00pm.

Transfer Schedule

The Transfer New Student Orientation schedule for 2014 will be available shortly, meanwhile, please view last year’s orientation schedule.

Please note that events are subject to change and you will receive your final schedule when you check-in for New Student Orientation on August 27.



Family Orientation

  • Don’t be the only family member not wearing an orange RIT Dubai t-shirt at Orientation for New Students and Families! T-shirts will be available on Wednesday, August 27 at the Admissions Department. Don’t miss out!
  • Family members are critical partners in the development and well-being of their students. Whether entering college for the first time or transferring from one school to another; starting at a new place can be an experience that induces both excitement and anxiety for students and families. Our goal is to make sure that you have everything you need to refer your student to the right resource if he/she should need anything while he/she is here.
  • Family Orientation is designed to introduce you to your student's academic program, the resources and services at RIT, and other new RIT families. The program schedule is available here and you will receive a hard copy when you check in for Family Orientation. In addition, we will provide you with a Family Survival Guide that contains a plethora of information, useful tips, and contact numbers. 

Family Registration and Check-In

  • When you check in not only will you be greeted by our lively Orientation team members, but you will also receive the Family Orientation schedule, the Family Survival Guide & Calendar, and other Family Orientation goodies!
  • Pre-registration for Family Orientation is now closed. Please register on-site at the Gordon Field House and Activities Center if you did not pre-register online.
  • You will also need to check in on freshman move-in day at the Welcome Center and Resource Fair in the Gordon Field House and Activities Center. If you require other special accommodations, please contact us in advance of your visit so we can do our best to meet your needs.