RIT Dubai Business Advisory Board Meeting

Last week, RIT Dubai held a Business Advisory Board Meeting, which nine board members representing renowned companies in Dubai attended with the aim of further improving the institution’s offerings not only on students’ education but also a myriad of social services. RIT Dubai currently offers bachelor programs in Marketing, Management, Finance and International Business and a master program in Service Leadership and Innovation.


The RIT Dubai Business advisory Board consists of:

Ms. Amal Zubeidy- Manager Client Management, Dubai Silcon Oasis Authority,

Ms. Asma Lootah- VP and Board Secretary of Dubai Financial Market,

Ms. Mona El Madany - Marketing Manager, Franklin Convey Middle East,

Mr. Monohar Roach - Director of Human Resources, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG),

Mr. Khaled Abdullah- Vice President, Group Head of Communication Barcleys,

Mr. Nigel Pasea - Managing Director, The CCL Group and

Mr. Jide Ore- Recruitment - Manager, Emerson Middle East & Africa,

The board members did not reserve their appreciation for the great strides the university has made in providing quality education to students. A number of suggestions and resolutions were made by the members present including the idea of engaging the community as part of the university’s outreach program. Members deliberated on key issues all of which were geared towards the creation of a learner-centered and community friendly institution in the light of the institution’s commitment to its corporate social responsibility.

Students stand to gain uncountable benefits from studying at the RIT Dubai. For example, students no longer need to travel all the way from Dubai to New York since at RIT Dubai, the facilities and learning materials as well as professors have the same qualifications. The quality of education and the degree is exactly the same, only the locations are different. However, if students which to study abroad in the main campus in NY or Europe they can do so for up to two semesters for the same tuition they pay at RIT Dubai.

It is worth mentioning that RIT Dubai has ventured in a field that many other institutions of higher learning within the UAE have not. The institution offers programs which are relevant in the contemporary business environment where strategic globally thinking and innovative business leaders and thinkers are required. Students have the opportunity to pursue these programs and develop personally and professionally as they scale the heights of success in business management.

RIT Dubai is currently planning to introduce a program in Hospitality Management. Dubai has become a tourist destination to many individuals of different walks of life and it is only sensible that such a program is pursued in at RIT Dubai. The tourism sector is growing at a very fast rate and there is need to have more intellects to diligently and skillfully manage the sector. With the quality of education offered at RIT Dubai, it will only be a matter of time before the best brains are produced to deal with the sector and inject more revenue into the economy.

RIT Dubai business programs are AACSB accredited, which lends credence to its programs. Furthermore, the University offers unique and exciting co-op programs running for 16 weeks that further prepare students to the expectations of the job market. These co-op programs are very few in UAE and that only exceptional institutions provide.


A decision to pursue one’s favorite program at RIT Dubai is not an exercise in futility. Student’s successful careers begin and culminate at this marvelous institution of higher learning. The university appreciates research and inculcates the related skills to students to ensure that they creatively solve the bedeviling practical problems in societies and organizations.