Scholarships for UAE Nationals

RIT Dubai is pleased to offer 100% undergraduate and graduate Scholarships to UAE Nationals. 

Full Scholarships are available to qualified UAE National for the following Programs at RIT Dubai:


Bachelor of Science

·         Electrical Engineering

·         Mechanical Engineering

·         Computer Security

·         Networking & System Administration

Master of Science

·         Electrical Engineering

·         Networking and Systems Administration


Scholarships are linked to employment opportunities in leading government entities in the UAE. 

Types of Scholarships 

ICT Fund

The ICT fund scholarships offers a great chance for Emiratis to pursue their Undergraduate and Graduate studies in Information and communications technology disciplines. Please click here for more information.


DEWA Scholarships at RIT Dubai

DEWA is now offering full scholarships for bachelor’s degrees in electrical or mechanical engineering to qualified UAE nationals at RIT Dubai. Please click here for more information. 


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Application Deadline: August 15th*     

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