RIT Dubai participates in "Dubai Week in China"

Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf, the president of RIT Dubai participated in the Dubai Week in China. He contributed to the Dubai Week in China Entrepreneurship and Innovation session which also featured Afshin Molavi, Senior Advisor at Oxford Analytica, John Kao, Chief Executive Officer, EdgeMakers, Roland Daher, Head of Business Development, WAMDA, and Jeremy Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO, Jide Technology.

The well attended session highlighted a convergence in the paths of Dubai and China and Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf was quoted saying “Innovation doesn’t talk about a geographical location, whether Silicon Valley or Dubai silicon Oasis, it’s about attracting talent and integrating ideas, and that’s where Dubai has everything we need in a city.”

The University is committed to innovative education and offers a Master degree in Service Leadership and Innovation as well as an innovative postgraduate degree in City Science that will start this fall 2015.

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Images by Vision Magazine