Dr. Yousef Al-Assaf


  • 1988 - PhD, Oxford University- Oxford- UK:  "Self - Tuning Control: Theory and Applications". 
  • 1984 - B.Sc., Sussex University- Brighton- UK, Electrical Engineering
  • 2008 - Executive Leadership Certificate Program, e-Cornell/ Cornell University- New York, USA.


Prior to becoming the President of Rochester Institute of Technology- Dubai in 2013, Dr. Al-Assaf was the Dean of the College of Engineering (CEN) at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) since 2005. Dr. Al-Assaf joined AUS in 1998 and was one of the founding members of the electrical engineering and computer engineering programs and served as the Associate Dean of CEN and Interim Dean prior to assuming the Deanship of the College of Engineering. Dr. Al-Assaf was one of the founding members and chair of the Industrial Engineering Department at University of Jordan and worked as the outreach manager at University of Jordan. 
During his tenure as Dean of College of Engineering at AUS, the students' enrollment and faculty size have doubled, making CEN the largest engineering college in UAE. He led the establishment of Master programs in chemical, civil, computer, electrical and mechanical as well as a BS in industrial engineering at AUS. He led the reaccreditation of all CEN BS programs by ABET and the Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs (MOE-HEA) as well as the accreditation of the MS programs by Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs (MOE-HEA).  
Dr. Al-Assaf's research focuses on using soft computing to model and control various industrial and medical systems. Applications include materials modeling and classification, prostheses control, industrial quality control and optimization.  Dr. Al-Assaf's industrial experiences are in the areas of industrial instrumentation and control (PLC, SCADA, DCS, microprocessor and PC-based controllers). He designed and developed various automated control systems for various industries including fertilizer, textile and sheet-cutting establishments. 

Selected  Research Publications 

  • Ahmed Aidan, Ghaleb A. Husseini, Ami Rasheed, Hiba Chekkath, Husein Yemendzhiev, Valentin Nenov, Yousef Al-Assaf, "Microbial desalination cell in the presence of electrogeinc sediment bacteria immobilized", the Journal of Biotechnol. & Biotechnol. Equipment, to appear.
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