IEEE visits RIT Dubai to provide students with more information about the benefits of the organization

Dubai, 4th of October. A representative of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) honored RIT Dubai with a visit and provided helpful information about the organization to our current engineering students.  IEEE is a professional association that helps students to participate in competitions, share ideas, and get professional and relevant experience.
The representative, Maryam Althani the former in IEEE UAE Section Chair stated that “IEEE is not for business, it’s for sharing knowledge.”
She named some of the reasons why current engineering students should be interested in joining the organization:
  • Technological Programs
  • Volunteer Development
  • Public Programs
  • Career Programs and Opportunities. (internships around the world)
IEEE gives its members the chance to show their capabilities and abilities and it also provides great activities for the students:
  • Activities that engage students in missions
  • Sponsors activities and events
  • & Fun activities.
Furthermore, Ms. Maryam Althani told the RIT Dubai students about upcoming IEEE challenges. One of these challenges is the “IEEE Xtreme Programming Challenge,” which is a contest where members spend 24-hours spanning against different members around the world to solve a set of programming problems. Additionally the “Change the World” competition that is led by the IEEE association also sounded interesting.
There are no requirements to be a part of this organization and students simply have to sign up. 
by Muna Alkhen - 1st Year Business student at RIT Dubai