RIT News

We are very proud that our RIT Dubai students have won the "Future Generation" competition of Middle East Electricity 2015. Their innovative project entitled "Cooling a car using solar energy & Thermoelectric coolers" won the price. Congratulations!! More information coming soon! 

The goal of Dubai’s Annual Business Competition, which took place on February 26 2015 is for high school students to compete in a series of fun and exciting challenges. This year 20 schools took part in the Business competition alone. Each school send five students to compete in a fun and

Thinking like an Engineer  The RIT Dubai Mechanical Engineering department was pleased to welcome Dr. Victor W. Goldschmidt as a guest lecturer. The title of his talk was “Thinking Like an Engineer and Societal Challenges” and was organized in coordination with ASHRE as part

Our undergraduate students Abdul Qadir Qaizar (EE), Elias El Dik (ME), Mohamed Khalil (EE) and Salah Rahmo (ME) presented their Senior Capstone Project to faculty, staff and current students. Their Project was entitled “Automatic Pill Dispenser”. You can read all about it by

The annual SG Global Consortium is a wonderful initiative that allows the members of student government from all the global campus to connect and brainstorm. Zagreb was an amazing experience in terms of the city, the culture and the people. Though it was only 3 days, we were able to spend time with

The construction of our brand new RIT Dubai Student dorms in DSO has started. We will keep updating you about the progress here!

Dr. Wael A. Samad, assistant Professor at RIT Dubai spoke about new techniques in NDT (None Destructive Techniques) at UTC and made sure to touch on the relation between the theories he was explaining and the applications that UTC is using, and he opened the floor at the end fo a Q&A session

 The faculty of RIT Dubai participated in the World Engineering Education Forum – WEEF 2014 and Dr. Boutheina Tlili - Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at RIT Dubai was a panelist in the Session entitled:  Enhancing Gender Diversity in Engineering Education and Practice

Dr. Ahmed Alaa Eldin Mohamed Mahmoud speaks at the RIT Dubai campus about "Ethics in Engineering Practice". The talk was well received by RIT Dubai Faculty members & Students.