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The annual SG Global Consortium is a wonderful initiative that allows the members of student government from all the global campus to connect and brainstorm. Zagreb was an amazing experience in terms of the city, the culture and the people. Though it was only 3 days, we were able to spend time with

The construction of our brand new RIT Dubai Student dorms in DSO has started. We will keep updating you about the progress here!

Dr. Wael A. Samad, assistant Professor at RIT Dubai spoke about new techniques in NDT (None Destructive Techniques) at UTC and made sure to touch on the relation between the theories he was explaining and the applications that UTC is using, and he opened the floor at the end fo a Q&A session

 The faculty of RIT Dubai participated in the World Engineering Education Forum – WEEF 2014 and Dr. Boutheina Tlili - Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at RIT Dubai was a panelist in the Session entitled:  Enhancing Gender Diversity in Engineering Education and Practice

Dr. Ahmed Alaa Eldin Mohamed Mahmoud speaks at the RIT Dubai campus about "Ethics in Engineering Practice". The talk was well received by RIT Dubai Faculty members & Students.

On the 19th of Nov. The Mechanical Engineering & Electrical Engineering departments conducted a field trip to HH Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park Generation Plant. The solar plant constitutes the seed to Dubai’s future renewable generation which is supposed to reach 5% of the city

 RIT Dubai Mechanical Engineering students attend the The 4th Regional Symposium on “Alternative Refrigerants for High-Ambient Countries; Installation, Service, and Risk Assessment of Future Refrigerants”(Hasan, Izzat, Dr.Ghalib, Niall, Kailee) Under the

 RIT Dubai was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Dubai National School for their active participation in the “Annual Career Day” on the 22 October 2014.  

This Monday the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs (Dr. Jeremy Haefner) and the Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Career Services  (Dr. James Miller) visited RIT Dubai. The RIT New York Leadership team meet with Faculty, Staff and was present at Board

STEP Forward Leadership Retreat was held at RIT Dubai campus from September 23-25, 2014. Fifteen, high potential women leaders embarked on a life changing experience of leadership insights and reflection. The team worked on projects together as well as in individual assessments. Each participant