Step Forward Leadership Retreat

Step forward Leadership is a coaching and development program created specifically for high-potential women leaders The program leverages multiple formats—leadership self- and multi-rater assessments, individual coaching, personal development planning, ongoing network support, and more—to transform developing leaders. A cornerstone of the experience is the Step Forward Leadership retreat, which encompasses peer coaching, personal reflection and learning, experiential skill building, small group activities.

Program Focus - Personal leadership transformation begins with a look at each leader’s unique abilities and definition for success. Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In explores women’s leadership challenges, attitudes, and competencies that provide a foundation for stepping forward. Learning modules used in the Step Forward Leadership program will incorporate many of these factors. Coaching will support the ap-plication of the learning and build each leader’s capacity to not just LEAN IN but also STEP FORWARD. Leaders will leverage their talents and develop skills to improve performance in the following areas: Self-advocacy, Courageous Leadership, Negotiation, Versatility, Resiliency, and Authentic Communication.

STEPPING FORWARD will result in:

  • Improved confidence and courage to make decisions and overcome leadership challenges 
  • A mental framework for avoiding leadership “derailers” 
  • The use of validated leadership best practices to improve performance 
  • Stronger relationships and engaged followers 
  • A personal network of high potential women leaders to support ongoing growth 
  • Higher levels of personal and career success that align with individual leadership passions 


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014 - 09:00