Nastaran Naghshineh


Mathematics Lecturer


M.S in Electrical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai, UAE
B.S. in Electronics Engineering, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada


Nastaran Naghshineh is currently Mathematics Lecturer at Mathematical Science Department at RIT-Dubai. Prior to that, she worked as Mathematics Instructor at Dubai Knowledge Park. For the academic year of 2011-2012, Nastaran Naghshineh worked as Mathematics and Physics Instructor in School of Engineering Science in Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada. Nastaran Naghshineh has more than 6 years of professional teaching experience and prior to that, she worked as Software Test Engineer in Top Producer Systems, British Columbia, Canada. In 2011, Nastaran Naghshineh was employed by Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada to design and build autonomous intubation system for human inner organs. This was a very successful project and led to various publications in IEEE.

Areas of Interest:

Nastaran Naghshineh’s academic concertation is Control and her areas of research interest are modelling and optimization of power generation systems using conventional and non-nonvetional controllers.


Since March 2018, Nastaran Naghshineh is member of IEEE Women in Engineering – UAE Section. She works in a team to manage to Engineering related workshops and seminars in universities and technical institutions held in UAE.

Since 2015, Nastaran Naghshineh is member of IEEE Control Systems Society.

Since 2008, Nastaran Naghshineh is member of Golden Key International Honor Society, Atlanta Georgia, USA and has been invited to many of their international and regional summits.

Selected Publications include:

  1. “A spatial bending fluidic actuator: fabrication and quasi-static characteristics”. Publication Date: March 19th, 2012. MENRVA RESEARCH GROUP Journal.
  2. “Towards the development of a miniaturized planar snake catheter based on fluidic actuators and conductive whiskers” Publication Date: April 12th, 201 IEEE ROBOTICS Journal.
  3. “Comprehensive Approach toward Modelling and Simulation of Single Area Power Generation System Using PI Control and Stability Solution Using Linear Quadratic Regulator”. Publication Date: August 26th, 2017. IRJET.
  4. “Advanced Optimization of Single Area Power Generation System Using Adaptive Fuzzy Logic and PI Control”. Publication Date: August 28th, 2017. IRJET.