RIT Dubai travels to the RIT's Student Governments Consortium RIT Croatia

The annual SG Global Consortium is a wonderful initiative that allows the members of student government from all the global campus to connect and brainstorm. Zagreb was an amazing experience in terms of the city, the culture and the people. Though it was only 3 days, we were able to spend time with the advisors from the other campuses and gain knowledge as to how we can make our students experience here in Dubai a more enjoyable one. Dr. Dawn Soufleris conducted an insightful presentation on “Millennials” and how to deal with them and how they are going to impact the world in the future. We were also able to interact with the Dubai students in a more relaxed environment as well as with the students from the other campuses and was amazed at how passionate they are about the students experiences at their respective campus.

(Shashini Fernandes - Human Resources Coordinator RIT Dubai)